Okaru Itsuto (岡琉イツト (おかるいつと)) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


Work in Progress


Though the character Okaru Itsuto has established personality and characteristics, he does not need to adjust in this way for songs, art, videos or the other media in which he's used.

Itsuto is generally very kind-hearted and nice to others, but also has a cynical, arrogant side.

  • Item - Buttered toast.
  • Likes - Itsuto loves to sing. He also has a very soft spot for animals, especially cats. He also loves sweets, and toast.
  • Dislikes - Itsuto has rather arrogant views on most of the world, despite being very kind-hearted and welcoming. He doesn't like some of the ways people of the world act. He also dislikes abuse and bullying, and also has a fear of heights.
  • Descent: Due to Itsuto having three biological parents, he is English-French-Japanese.
  • Nicknames: Itsu (いつ/イツ)


  • Okaru (岡琉) - His last name has no real meaning in Japanese and was chosen randomly to incorporate uniqueness into his name. His surname can also be written as 岡留, it is read the same.
  • Itsuto (イツト) - From Japanese 逸 (itsu) meaning "flee, escape, break loose" combined with 人 (to) meaning "person"

Other language names:

  • English and French: Itsuto Okaru
  • Chinese: 冈琉逸人 (gāng liú yì rén)
  • Korean: 오카루이쯔토 (okalu ijjeuto)


  • Hair color - Pastel blue
  • Headgear - None
  • Eye color - Green
  • Earphones - None
  • Outfit - Pastel-green sweater and pants, accompanied by off-white shoes. He sports a patch on his face.


Voicebank distribution

Voicebank Reclist Range Description DL
core CV CV Baritone "Itsuto's default voice." DL
core VCV VCV Baritone "Itsuto's default voice." DL
core CVVC CVVC Tripitch Baritone "Itsuto's default voice." DL
core CHN CVVC Range "Itsuto's CVVC Chinese voicebank. . . is in development." [Unavailable DL]
core KOR VCCV Range "Itsuto's VCCV Korean voicebank. . . is in development." [Unavailable DL]
core FR CVVC Range "Itsuto's CVVC French voicebank. . . is in development." [Unavailable DL]
flame Reclist Range "Itsuto's powerful/shouting voice. Requires Suffix: ↑" DL
feather Reclist Range "Itsuto's whisper/quiet voice (including append-unique end breaths!). Requires Suffix: 囁 and *Only works with Moresampler." DL
sadist Reclist Range "A voicebank suited for rock songs, recorded in powerscale monopitch (including append-unique breaths, end breaths and end inbreaths). Requires Suffix: 怒 *Works best with Moresampler.* . . . is in development." [DL Unavailable]
mellow Reclist Range "Itsuto's soft/gentle voice. Requires Suffix: 優. . . is in development." [Unavailable DL]
puff Reclist Range "Itsuto's cute voice. Requires Suffix: 愛. . . is in development." [Unavailable DL]
shadow Reclist Range "Itsuto's dark voice. Requires Suffix: 暗. . . is in development." [Unavailable DL]
glass Reclist Range "Itsuto's weak voice. Requires Suffix: 弱. . . is in development." [Unavailable DL]
nerve Reclist Range "Itsuto's straining/tense voice. Requires Suffix: 緊. . . is in development." [Unavailable DL]
crescent Reclist Range "Itsuto's sad/sorrowful voice. Requires Suffix: 悲. . . is in development." [Unavailable DL]
infect Reclist Range "Itsuto's sick voice. Requires Suffix: 病. . . is in development." [Unavailable DL]
rumble CVVC Range "Itsuto's growly voice. Requires Suffix: 力. . . is in development." [Unavailable DL]
VCVC HANASU + exVOICE VCVC + exVOICE Range "A VCVC Japanese voicebank created specifically for HANASU. Also comes with exVOICE (Not an UTAU voicebank). . . is in development." [Unavailable DL]

Voice details

  • Input - Kana encoded and Kana+Romaji aliased
  • System - Microsoft Windows
  • Optimum - Genre: Ballad, Rock, Pop, Range: F2-C6, Tempo: 60-160 BPM
  • Details - There are appends available:
  • fire (shout/powerful) (formerly known as SAKEBI)
  • mellow (whispery/soft) (formerly known as SASAYAKI)
  • rumble (growly) (formerly known as RIKIMI)
  • feather (sweet/gentle) (formerly known as YASASHII)
  • nerve (tense/straining) (formerly known as KINPAKU)
  • puff (cute/childish) (formerly known as KAWAII)
  • sadist (rock/angry) (formerly known as ROCK)
  • crescent (sad/sorrowful) (formerly known as HIAI)
  • infect (sick) (formerly known as BYOUKI)
  • glass (weak) (formerly known as YOWAI or YOWAYOWA)
  • shadow (dark) (formerly known as KURAI)
  • static (whisper/no tone)
  • Itsuto's bank has been through several revisions. The first version of him was a poorly recorded CV voicebank, and there was no oto.ini configuration of him yet. Then, he was re-recorded and was oto'd by Ryan-Kun. His VCV voicebank originally had a beta recording too, but the samples weren't recorded properly (gaps between vowels) and so his VCV was re-recorded soon after.
  • Extras have been updated: Rerecorded everything + fixed oto.ini
    • Breaths: br1/息1, br2/息2, br3/息3
    • End breaths: a R, i R, u R, e R, o R, n R
    • Trilling R: 巻

Voice samples

  • Name [File:Audio.ogg]
  • Linked_hosting_service

Additional information

Terms of Use

All the provisions below shall be applied to the voicebank Fullname.


  • Itsuto owns a cat named Dorayaki.
  • Itsuto is homosexual.



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