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Itami Hana

(Japanese: 痛み花 - Itami Hana)

痛み (Itami) - means pain
(Hana) - means flower


STAGENAME: 痛みエイミー - Itami Amy

MODEL: Kaeriloid



Ritsuka Utagi (friend / father of their child Eve Utagi)

Mirakuru Miracloid (friend)

Katsumi Hatake (best friend)

Rei Kibuo (wife)

Andy Summer (brother)

Shigeru Tokage (friend)



ACT 4.2.
WEIGHT 54 kg CHARACTER ITEM Rapier CREATOR LordyHam (used to be QueenOfHam-P)
HEIGHT 1.62m VOICE SOURCE LordyHam PICTURE LINK LIST Collection of all pictures ( I've discovered on dA )

August 19th 1994


Rock-music, spicy food, fastfood, kickboxing


September 18th, 2011

DISLIKES Bullying, arrogant people, most TV shows, wearing skirts SIGNATURE SONG

Signature Song


Amy is an always smiling and very friendly girl who usually loves to help out people. Even as a human she already had a physical advantage over others due to the fact that she's capable of several martial arts such as kickboxing, but she doesn't start such fights as long as there's certainly no need to. She usually tries to solve fights with words, not with fists or with her rapiers, but when she sees her friends, family, or her lover Rei, in trouble she doesn't hesitate to protect them, no matter how badly her own condition will be afterwards.

When someone calls her cute she reacts a bit like a tsundere. But it's not that she secretly enjoys it, she really just dislike it since she doesn't think of herself as “cute” girl, but as a woman. Even when Rei mentions that Amy's cute she talks that out of her, and she's very good at this.

Apart from that Amy enjoys to take leader positions in groups, yet always considering the opinion of others before making her own. Being truly eloquent and capable of stunning tactical thinking all these features of hers serve well for her position as the lieutenant of her angelic ambassador unit.

Despite being a headstrong woman the feeling of being useless to others has a destructive power on her. With being useful she tries to define her worth, yet again not considering her own state afterwards. This has already brought her several times intro troubles she barely were able to survive.

However. As everyone Amy does enjoy taking a bit of time for herself, just "chillin' on the couch" with a bag of chips and either watching TV or browsing memes in the internet (habits she took off from Rei). Occasionally she also plays computer games, yet always complains how the games aren't realistic and the hitboxes ridiculous ... although she's just bad.

Supplemental Information

[K1] Amy Itami Official Design - 2015

Species: Fullblood-Angel

Ethnicity: German

Preferred hand: Right

Eye Colour: Red

Hair Colour: Black


All voicebanks of [K1] Amy Itami are currently designed for japanese only. However, as you may see in the unreleased section, an english and a german voicebank are already in developement.

Please note that the last official release of a voicebank was in 2014. The configurations and samples of these voicebanks are therefore really old and lack of quality. Whilst I do not update those voicebanks anymore more voicebanks are in progress which are to replace the old ones.


Main Series

August 2014: [K1] Amy Itami ACT4.1 -- Revolution

April 2014: [K1] Amy Itami ACT4.0

January 2013: [K1] Amy Itami ACT3.0


August 2013: [K1] Amy Itami ACT2.0 -- Sweet

December 2013: [K1] Amy Itami ACT1.0. -- Kire

UNRELEASED / WIP voicebanks

Set for August 2016: [K1] Amy Itami ACT 4.2 -- Anarchy

  • Supports:

1. Hiragana VCV and CV - Japanese

2. Romaji VCV - English expansion pack Note: As creating an English VCV expansion pack turns out to be more difficult than I expected I am not quite sure how many pitches to add yet. However, unlike planned, I think I will settle between 1 and 3 pitches.

Set for early 2017: [K1] Amy Itami ACT1.0. -- Athena

Note: The Athena voicebank will be a rather breathy and soft voice and will replace the 'Sweet' series.

  • Supports: Hiragana VCV 3-Pitch
  • no reference avaible
  • no samples avaible

Set for early 2017: [K1] Amy Itami ACT2.0. -- Power

Note: The Power voicebank will be, as the name suggests, a powerful voice capable of reaching higher notes without losing expression. It will replace the Kire series.

  • Supports: Hiragana VCV 3-Pitch
  • no reference avaible
  • no samples avaible


[K1] Amy Itami ACT1.0 -- Multi

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