IrIDIUM has short electric-green hair that usually covers where her eyes would be. She does not have real eyes, as she is a mechanical skeleton, they usually appear as dark holes through which retractable robotic mandibles are stored. She is sometimes seen with fake eyes, the right one yellow and the left a light blue-teal.

Her standard outfit is a black-and-white sērā fuku with a red ribbon. Her 'skin' is also considered clothing, her real 'body' being skeletal with two large robotic spider-like legs, two half-bone, half-metal legs, one robotic scythe-like arm, one elongated skeletal arm, and two long metal claw-like feelers. She sometimes wears a patch on her right cheek, to hide a crack in her 'skin.'

Role in "Silent requieM"

IrIDIUM has an important role in MadieB1999's "Silent requieM." She is in the fourth, green crystal. From there, the player is transported to a maze in the Computer Database, where they are joined by RHeNIUM, Ir's 'good conscience' to free her 'bad conscience' and Re's "hanbun" OsMIUM, who has full, corrupt control over Ir. In the Database, it is learned that Ir had auditioned to become an official Vocaloid, her first audition being Fukkireta and her second being Saikin Osen. Her callback song was Rinne, but she did not make the cut and was locked away in the Recycling Bin. Once the player has freed Os and Ir, they are rewarded with a Sērā Fuku Ribbon.


Outer Science (debut)

Bad Apple

Fukkireta (first programmed song)

Mind Brand

Bacterial Contamination*


Calamari Inkantation

*These songs have thus far only been heard in MadieB1999's game "Silent requieM" and have had no full release yet.


  • IrIDIUM is based on Deino3330's mechanical skeleton characters, most notably Calcium. Her name coming from the periodic table also supports this.
  • Iridium is the 77th element on the periodic table, likely referencing the reoccurring number 7 in Silent requieM.
  • A trophy for Silent requieM can be earned from freeing IrIDIUM. The trophy is called "Saikin Osen mo Osamatte," referencing both the song Saikin Osen and what RHeNIUM says to her befor she is freed.
  • IrIDIUM herself doesn't have much of a conscience or free will, so Re and Os sit on her head and act as one for her.
  • Note: This voice is stolen from Yukkuri Reimu's voice. Please beware. Thank you. ~Anonymous


IrIDIUM with RHeNIUM (left) and OsMIUM (right)

IrIDIUM's Bad Apple!! cover

IrIDIUM's Outer Science cover

IrIDIUM's Mind Brand cover

Ir's pixel sprite


IrIDIUM's Calamari Inkantation cover

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