Ikuyo Yasujiro

(Japanese: 野洲白いくよ- Ikuyo Yasujiro)
TYPE: Netherloid
MODEL: JI16 (J is the first letter of the creator, I the first letter of the UTAU, 16 is her age)
AGE 16 GENRE Cutish, pitched songs HOMEPAGE
WEIGHT TBA CHARACTER ITEM Everything related to bunnies CREATOR Epicweegee / Ikuyoyasujiro
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 163cm VOICE SOURCE Epicweegee / Ikuyoyasujiro PICTURE LINK LIST Deviantart
BIRTHDAY September 25, 1994 LIKES Bunnies, Sleeping, Cooking, singing MEDIA LIST Youtube


RELEASE DATE 3-10-10 DISLIKES Yelling, fighting, hard noises, waking up early SIGNATURE SONG TBA


- A combination of a tsundere and a himedere. She likes to be see as a 'princess' and also wants to be treated like that.

- Most people will see her as a rude person but she doesn't mean it like that. She is just having problems with making friends and never knows what to say.

- She gets embarrased really easily, when she's embarrased she will most likely kick/slap/hurt the people who made her feel that way

- She's really insecure about her cup size and would love it they were bigger since she would be a 'attractive mature woman' then. That is why she often uses brapads.

- She can also be really nice, sister-like. But this is only when the other person looks really cute, or if they know each other for a long time. 

Supplemental InformationEdit

Hair colour: Blond.

Ikuyo yasujiro concept art by epicweegee-d586f57


Eye colour: Grey green .

Color Scheme: Black, green, brown, white, yellow.

Headphones: Black headphones with a green round in it. On the top there is a black little bunnyhead.

Voice ConfigurationEdit

Ikuyo's voicebank comes in Hiragana and Romaji.

Ikuyo Yasujiro ACT4: