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Iku Acme (阿久女イク(あくめいく)) is a program made using Adobe Flash Player as a base. She was created for the intent of making eroge noises and has to be bought online. All of her noises consist of moans, screams, or yelps, and over 150 sounds have been included with her.

Some users have imported her "voice" into the UTAU program, with rough yet playable results. Since the results aren't exactly perfect, her voice sounds quite wavy and robotic. As a result, one would have to create an oto.ini file from scratch. But with proper filters and modification, she can produce a very singable voice.

Since Iku does have a release on UTAU, she is now considered both an UTAUloid and a ''MAIDLOID''


Iku Acme's voice was made to be used in games and animation and those works can be sold. However, it is illegal to distribute her full voicebank. There are exceptions with the Lite version.

On December 27, 2017, for Iku Acme's tenth anniversary, StudioS announced that there would be a new character added to the Character H-Voice Series named RIYONA,[2] and Iku Acme's page on DLsite was updated as well, adding contents from the physical CD extras to the MAIDLOID editor. Anyone with a valid purchase of her on DLsite can download the updated version for free.

On May 23 , 2021, a creator named Kanna worked with StudioS to create a new design specifically for UTAU, along with an official Multipitch VCV voicebank.



—Favorite phrase[3]

Iku Acme is a MAIDLOID. She is intended for sexual usage. As a character, she is a housemaid android who is meant to be a lewd and cute character.


Official concept for her VCV voicebank

Taking a different path than MAIDLOID for UTAU, her concept is based on a japanese idol. The onion on her head that was heavily used in STRIPFIGHTERS is now replaced by a scrunchy, her dress now has more volume in addition to a huge bow in the back, her hair now has a more flattering color / shape and her maid slippers have been replaced with high heel platform shoes. Her character in UTAU is now more focused on the ''cute'' side, rather than a moaning eroge character.


  • 阿久女 (Acme) The Kanji is the choice of corresponding pronunciation and has no valid literal interpretation. "アクメ" (Acme) in Japanese literally means "orgasm."
  • イク (Iku) - A common erotic moan in Japan, meaning "to come (or cum, as referred sexually), to orgasm."
  • As such, her name translates into "an orgasm to come" (Japanese order) or "to come to an orgasm" (Western order).


Related characters

  • Princess Knight RIYONA - Same creator

Voice samples



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