Voice Configuration

The CV and CVVC Voicebank and the VCV whispering Voicebank will be able to download at 12th september,Ikki's birthday. She can sing german french and japaneses

Personal Information

Ikki has Shizophrenia. That means she can hear voices no one als can hear and see shadows no one eles see. She also has a "friend" only she can see. She says hes a boy or a young man. She calls him scáth. She always says he's mean and says her to do naughty things, but also he protects her and don't let anyone hurt her. She was asked about the voices she hears and she awnsered "They are the fallen ones. All fell,all gone to a other place,far away from here!".

Supplemental Information

Hair color: red-brownish

dress: wears often her shool uniform,on stage she wears jeans and a light blue t-shirt

Eye color: rose

Headphones: white Headphones with a rose circle on each side and a microphone on the left.

Nationality: Japanese/Irish

Catchphrase: Oh HELL NO!!!

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