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Hybrid Kaiju(ハイブリッド怪獣) is a exclusive voicebank for the UTAU program.

Role in R.W(Rita's World) + Brief Backstory

Hybrid Kaiju is a hybrid of a human and reaper dragon. He is known to act pretty arrogant and a jerk. He does this as a defense mechanism so people would leave him alone. Though he later started to regret it. How this started, came from the death of his father, Kaiju, who died in the Great Dragon War. Those who knew about Kaiju, knew that he was a Reaper dragon with gigantism. Gigantism was seen as mighty and that the creature could take anything and protect everyone. Kaiju died of his injuries and now people started ridiculing him and bullied Hybrid for having such a "failure" of a father and being born from a dragon and human. Hybrid looked up to his father greatly. Even to the point to dress up as him (Kaiju, In human form). As Hybrid grew up, his own mother couldn't see him the same since he looked so much like his father. However she still loved him and got by raising him alone. Hybrid is mostly independent and has many roles.

Hybrid vowed to take care of his partner, Maxel Berry, since Maxel is technically handicapped.

Hybrid is a caregiver and nurse in training.

Hybrid was born from a human and Reaper Dragon. His parents, Sandra Kaiju(Alive) and Kaiju(Deceased). Hybrid doesn't have any other siblings.

Hybrid does a good job acting arrogant and practically a straight up jerk, but he hates doing it.

Hybrid usually is a loner, but has a small group of friends that he knows from the R.Wian Army.

He looks up to his father in the highest respect.

Hybrid doesn't know all of his abilities of being a Reaper Dragon. All he knows is the Death Stare ability and perhaps he could have the ability of necromancy. Not much is known what Hybrid is capable of doing. Not even he knows.

Hybrid is the 4th member of the R.Wian Army.


Hybrid Kaiju appears somewhat tan and often likes spending time outside.

  • Hybrid has heterochromia. His left eye is blue and his right eye is red. His pupils are slits from his dragon DNA.
  • His hair is black.
  • Wears a black leather/velvet jacket with a regular white t-shirt underneath. Dark gray jeans and usually black sneakers, but shoes vary.
  • Hybrid has a stereotypical bad boy look.
  • Large black Reaper Wings protrude from his back. Can be hidden though he has slits on his back indicating where wings should be. His wings are pretty thin and feel like silk and cartilage. It helps with aerodynamic flying.
  • Hybrid has fangs


  • Atir Leader - Friend, Teacher, Boss
  • Rita Leader - Friend, Boss
  • Ashton Lennon - Friend
  • Benjamin Kuel - Friend
  • Caulter Northside - Friend
  • Rizumu Teion - Friend


  • Hybrid takes caregiving and nursing very seriously because of Maxel.
  • Hybrid is territorial and pretty possessive of his lover, due to love and genetic instinct. Reaper Dragons are territorial.
  • Hybrid is bisexual
  • Getting to know Hybrid, he can be pretty sarcastic because of old habits, but he really does care about friendship and others even though he doesn't show it.
  • Hybrid's voicebank was a gift from Fractured Hope
  • Hybrid used to have dark red hair instead of black. He also used to have claws and a sword as a weapon, but later changed to a scythe to fit his theme.
  • Hybrid can choose to eat souls to gain temporary power boosts, but prefers to eat regular food. He will only use his Reaper abilities for emergencies. As stated by his mother.
  • Hybrid can be pretty chaotic.
  • Hybrid sometimes has a short fuse, but often is mild tempered.
  • Hybrid is very good at directions. He was taught to follow the sun and stars to tell what direction he was going if he ever was lost.
  • Hybrid is the only knight that can fly.

Summary of Hybrid Kaiju

Hybrid helped Maxel accept his orientation. Hybrid fell in love with Maxel, but waited for Maxel to confess first since he didn't want to scare him off. Reaper dragons when finding a mate tend to hang around them and fight off potential rivals. However Hybrid didn't need to fight anyone. He willingly moved into Maxel's house to take care of him. Hybrid usually does most of the chores and gets groceries, but Maxel tries his best to do his share of tasks.

Hybrid flew too far south from his home and ended up in a different region entirely. It started raining so he took shelter at an "abandoned" mansion in the woods. He heard crying coming from deeper in the mansion so his curiosity got the better of him. He didn't feel frightened strangely. He found a boy curled up in the corner of one of the rooms who introduced himself as Maxel Berry. It took awhile for them to open up to each other but eventually Hybrid moved in. He goes his day to day life making sure Maxel is happy. Hybrid still comes back to his home town to visit his mom. She is very happy that her son found someone who he loves dearly. Hybrid then heard about the R.W army and decided to join then persuaded Maxel to join since he believed Maxel's abilities would be very useful.

The King of R.W, Atir Leader accepted both boys into the army and they try their best to protect the kingdom. Usually Hybrid's job is to use his direction abilities and often his flight as his advantages. His death stare ability, although rarely used is when a Reaper Dragon can literally kill by just staring at the victim. They would create the worst fear of the victim to make it even scarier. The illusion is then controlled an manipulated to attack the victim, resulting in the victim having a heart attack. However, it's possible to survive the death stare. If you are able to look past the illusion. There is still a lot for Hybrid to learn about himself, but he is doing all he can to protect his loved ones and the kingdom.

Voice Examples

Hybrid's voice tends to fluctuate but is often ranging from alto to baritone. He is voiced by SightSeed or Sabishi-i from Fractured Hope. Hybrid's genre is more of metal and screamo.

Before I was Born (Duet with Maxel Berry)

Coward Montblanc(duet with Maxel Berry)(MMDxUTAU Video)

Magnet(Duet with Maxel Berry)(MMDxUTAU Video)

Hybrid's Demo Reel by Fractured Hope

Absolute Music Dance mixed by Sabishi-i

Mukuro Attack mixed by Sabishi-i

Psychosocial mixed by Sabishi-i

Stricken mixed by Sabishi-i

Hybrid's Voicebank is restricted to Fractured Hope Only! Thus being a Private Voicebank!

Additional Information(Rules if necessary for Art purposes)

NO 18+ of this character

No claiming this character as yours

No using this character for political, religious, racist, sexual, or offensive content

No asking for his voicebank since he is a private utauloid.

Absolutely DO NOT use this character for fetishes. No matter how innocent the fetish is.


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