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Sumimasen, Nani o itte imashita ka?
—Favorite phrase. [1]

Zenne Hito (全音ヒト) (ぜんねひと)) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


Hito Zenne started as a voiceless character when a fanloid turned into an UTAU, Then back into a fanloid. A user called ZetsuneProjectContes originally made the design, while UTAUDoge/ Hito-P came up with the name. Hito was generally a gift for Hito-P, while the fanloid's voice didn't fit them as much as Hito. His design was made in MikuMikuDance. Hito's currently in the Zetsune Project, which is a project that gives Fanloids voices and UTAU's popularity. Their first appearance was under the name “Tendane Haruto”, which meant “tender sound”. But, Hito-P thought the name was too long. Hito later gained a new name “Hikune Taiki”, which meant “low sound.” The same thing happened with Haruto, the name was too long. Later, Hito-P found an even better name, which is what Hito currently has now. In 2021, he was drawn into a furloid. Hito was later drawn back into a human. Later that same year, Hito's furry design was reused.


Hito Zenne is a robot UTAU created in 2019. Their voice can be described as masculine, strong, and nasally. Their personality’s meant to be caring and sweet, but a little annoying at times. Along with Doreiku Ocharakeru, he robbed a Burger King, then set it on fire. Due to Hito yelling through a megaphone most of the time, he can often be seen with a sore throat. He drinks tea to sooth the soreness. Hito lives with his roommate, Roru. Hito discovered he can shapeshift into an anthropomorphic animal, he just doesn't know how to control it, yet. Hito refers to himself as a demiboy

Etymology details

  • Name: Zenne (全音) - "Whole sound". Hito (ヒト) - Meaning person. Making, "A whole sound coming from a person."
  • Type: Zetsune Project - A group of people that helps newcomers in any way, shape, or form with UTAUs, and gives fanloids popularity.
  • Other: 19 - Hito's initial release, shortened from 2019.

Character details

- CV -

  • Description: Navy blue hair with bangs being held up in an aqua clip, while being held in a long loose ponytail, letting the back hair move freely. Their eyes are golden, contrasting from their hair. He's usually interpreted as 180.34 cm tall, while their weight is 168lbs.
  • Outfit: He wears black headphones with aqua illumination. A white and black outfit with aqua trimming and highlights. Their side chain is connected to the right side of their pants, leading down to their left leg.
  • Likes: Yelling through a megaphone, drinking tea.
  • Dislikes: Assumptions, any bitter tea.

- VCV -

  • Description: Navy blue hair with loose bangs, while being held in a loose long ponytail. Their eyes are golden, contrasting from their hair. He's usually interpreted as 180.34 cm tall, while their weight is 168 lbs.
  • Outfit: See right.


Voice Distribution

Voicebank Reclist Range Description DL
Japanese ACT1 CV F#2-D5 "Very first voicebank publicly released. Crashes at Wa and Ri, terrible oto." Discontinued.
Japanese ACT2 CV F2-D4 "Second voicebank publicly released. More robotic sounding at A, terrible oto." Discontinued.
Japanese ACT3 CV E2-F4 "Third voicebank publicly released. A very soft voicebank, although unintenional. " DL
Japanese ACT4 CV F2-D4 "Latest CV voicebank, more robotic than the rest. " DEMO DL
Japanese -TEA PARTY- VCV WIP "A multi-expression tri-pitch bank, currently in progress with six expressions. Dark, Power, Soft, Whisper, and Core. They stand at D3, E3, and G#3." TBA


  • Their VCV design is being reworked.
  • The character itself was a gift by the creator of the Zetsune Project.
  • Hito's item can typically be a megaphone, or a cup of tea. It depends on the viewer.


  1. "Sorry, what were you saying?"

Terms of Use

All the provisions below shall be applied to the voicebank:

  • R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
  • Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Not Required.
  • Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Not Required.
  • Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes.

Additionally, You may not use Hito for hate speech/ slander of any kind, anything political, homophobic, or anything against UTAUs TOS.

You may NOT use Hito for Ievan Polkka covers, or any song of the sort.

You may NOT pitch Hito for any existing character in any fandom. The only exceptions are Hito based derivatives.

You may NOT credit Hito as your own, please credit Hito-P when using them.