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(Japanese: 川本姫子 - かわもとひめこ - Kawamotto Himeko)

川本 (Kawamotto; River's Origin)- Changed from the original joke surname of "Bakabakane".

姫ロリ子 (Himeko; Princess child/girl)- Originally named "Himeloliko" as a joke/troll voicebank, and the name stuck for many years; however, due to changes in creator opinion and changes in word connotations, it has been replaced with "Himeko" as a placeholder.

MODEL: 64 - (Was originally A03.)
GENDER Female (AFAB, with the possibility of finding she identifies with Genderfluid or Nonbinary at an older age.) VOICE RANGE G2~A5 (E2~G#5 for Natural Append, F#1~E5 for Act2.) RELATED CHARACTERS

Hinotori Kawamotto (Older Sibling)

Hanako Kawamotto (Older Sister)

Grunty (Housemate)

Danse Kanashimi (Housemate; friend(?)/rival)

Fukai Shindo (Friend)

AGE 12 (Official Age) GENRE Pop, Rock, and Dirge HOMEPAGE NONE
WEIGHT UNKNOWN CHARACTER ITEM Two Paper Fans (Two Harisen fans to be exact; used to attack idiots, rude or lewd individuals, Danse, and anyone else she sees fit. In most cases (besides Danse), only one fan is out at a time.) CREATOR Nyanako Meowani//MewMeori
HEIGHT 4'5" (135 cm) (Approximate height. Not exact, can change with the shoes she wears, and subject to change.) VOICE SOURCE Nyanako Meowani/MewMeori (Recorded using the creator's low-"falsetto" voice.) PICTURE LINK LIST CONCEPT ART , PIAPRO, PIXIV, DEVIANT ART, GOOGLE IMAGE, PHOTOBUCKET
BIRTHDAY May 24, 2002 LIKES Elegance, intelligence, and her family; which extends to Grunty as well. MEDIA LIST NICO NICO DOUGA, YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE May 24, 2012 DISLIKES Sweets, perverts, people who say bad things about her siblings, being called a "loli", people treating her like a little kid. SIGNATURE SONG White Letter
PERSONALITY: Himeloliko often comes off as cold, harsh, and very judgmental, but, she's very protective and cares greatly about her family (even Danse, who she constantly fights with.) If one were to fit her personality into a niche, she could be sorted into the Tsundere category, though it's not all too fitting for her except for the one or two quirks in her personality that are similar to the Tsundere type.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Copper-pink
Headgear: Two black ribbons with white lace
Eye color: Brown
Earphones: None
Dress/Outfit: Dress with a white and black accented top and black skirt with hearts and "u fail" in pink on it (as well as lace at the bottom of the skirt.); short sleeved black jacket with light-blue stitch accents and white collar; black choker with light-blue stitch accents and lace, as well as a heart-charm; black lace gloves; black dress-shoes with heart-shaped buckles.
Others: Has a heart-shaped ahoge on the top of her head.
Nationality/Race: American

Usage Clause

1. The creator of this voicebank is fine with the voice being used for pretty much any genre of music, though I would prefer nothing pornographic (though suggestive is fine) and nothing 100% religious (I'm fine with Spirituals and songs like Christmas Carols, though.)

2. If you would like to sell a song created using the voicebank, please contact the creator of the voicebank first (you can contact me at MewMeori on YouTube or @NyanakoMeowani on Twitter.)

3. Feel free to draw fanart; my only request is to please refrain from drawing pornographic pictures of this character especially, unless I otherwise give some sort of permission or terms are changed.

4a. Do not claim her to be your own, please give credit to MewMeori (Youtube) or Nyanako, which are two usernames the creator of this voicebank uses.

4b. Along with not claiming her as your own, do not sell her voicebank either.

5. Please do not distribute the voicebank unless:

A. The creator gives you permission.

B. The voicebank's original source is down, and the voicebank's creator doesn't have said voicebank anymore.

6. These rules are subject to change, and, the creator requests that you would follow any changes in rules made.

Voice Configuration

Act1 Can Be Downloaded Here: http://www.mediafire.com/?fm73zt55anjbe87

Act2 Can Be Downloaded Here: https://mega.nz/file/g1YlwKpJ#LGKeTMAI-gdm7qLxGPnBLFU_cTwPUKa3pGCi0Yk9Yfw

She also has a, yet to be released, Natural append, which is a voicebank which is not pitch edited like her normal voicebanks.

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