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Hikune Taiki (低音大樹) (ひくねたいき)) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


Taiki Hikune started as a voiceless character when a fanloid turned into an UTAU, Then back into a fanloid. A user called ZetsuneProjectContes originally made the design, while UTAUDoge/ SenseiBoredom came up with the name. Taiki was generally a gift for UTAUDoge, while the fanloid's voice didn't fit them as much as Taiki. His design was made in MikuMikuDance. Taiki's currently in the Zetsune Project, which is a project that gives Fanloids voices and UTAU's popularity.

As of 11/2/20, Hikune Taiki's been redesigned from Tendane Haruto, and will replace him as SenseiBoredom's main UTAU.


Taiki Hikune’s a furloid created in 2019. He wasn’t always a furloid though, he was just a normal loid with human resemblance. Their personality’s meant to be caring and sweet, but a little annoying at times. Taiki’s pronouns are He/ They. Sometimes Taiki doesn’t know what he’s doing, so he messes up things. There’s a small glitch in his voice, causing a note to become more robotic than others.

Etymology details

  • Name: Hikune (低音) - "Low sound". Taiki (大樹) - Has no official meaning.
  • Type: Furloid - A group of UTAUs that have anthropomorphic based designs. They're always different types of animals, no matter the species or breed.
  • Other: T41K1 - Taiki's given-name, but the vowels swapped with numbers.

Character details

  • Description: Navy blue hair with bangs being held up in an aqua clip while being held in a loose ponytail, letting the back hair move freely. Their eyes are yellow, with one iris being smaller than the other. Their official gender is demiboy. He's usually interpreted as 175.2 cm tall, while their weight isn't defined. He doesn't have any official measurements, leaving it to the fans. He has a corgi like design, with copper ears and a tail to match.
  • Outfit: He wears aqua headphones with no illumination. A white and black outfit with aqua trimming and highlights. Their side chain is connected to the left side of their pants, leading down to their right leg.
  • Likes: Chai tea and a bone microphone.


Voice Configuration

CV ACT1 + 2: Discontinued.

CV ACT3: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rT7733qteck1X--dy5hLkzIKRoI4M0BJ/view?usp=sharing

CVVC: In the making.

Additional Information


  • Taiki's a corgi.
  • Taiki was always meant to be a furloid, but only recently he officially became one.
  • Taiki and Hihi get along well.
  • You can download their updated model here! Google Drive download.

Usage Clause

  1. You may not use Taiki in slander of any sort.
  2. Please refrain from using Taiki in any 18+ content, except songs.
  3. Do not claim Taiki as your own, He belongs to SenseiBoredom, and the Zetsune Project members.
  4. You may use him for commercial advertisement.
  5. If you use Taiki, Please credit SenseiBoredom.
  6. If his voicebanks have any problem, Be sure to report it to SenseiBoredom.
  7. Please DO NOT edit Taiki’s wiki page. Only I (SenseiBoredom) have permission to do that.


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