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About Name:
Hikaru means sparkling, formerly Delta, the name given to the creator. Inspired by the anime Sword Art Online, Dino King, King of Dinosaurs, and Date A Live, Ayanami comes from Ayana Mirae's name, from a man he is crazy about.

TYPE: BL. 01
Gender Male rank


Related characters

Kyoko is his sister by creator.

SUN is his gaming friend.

Shu-chan is his old girl friend.

Gure Kani is his best friend.

Thitiya Thai is his colleague in social.



song any Main Website https://patiphatwongyai.wixsite.com/deltavocaloid
Weight 45 kg. item Red smart phone, Tall sugar crane, Plum Creator deltaVOCALOID
Higth 165 cm. Voicer deltaVOCALOID Picture Link Facebook
Birthday 1 August Like Sleeping, Walking, Adventure, Killing, Play with a love games, clean place, All fruits and All vegetables, cute puppy Media




Release day 21 July 2019 Dislike

cool weather, unknown food,

coffee is make him heart attack.

greasy food is make can't eat it.

bad people is make him hate that people

dirty is make him angry

Recommended songs Machine

Charactor : 

Hikaru Cooldere half Yandere, A young man who is quiet, kind, smart, has good manners, speaks politely, is the most cheerful. But it's very sensitive, negligent, and very angry. He had a lot of mental illness.

Under his cuteness

This character's personality was created entirely from the creator's personality.

Character Design[]

Hair color is Black

Eye color is red

Attire: Dressed in a suit, black pants, and a bright red hooded cloak. There are white cyber-style electrical lines around the shirt. red black sneakers

Wearing green bluetooth headphones, alternating rainbow colors and he holding a green realme 5i phone

Nationality: Thai

Uniqueness : is the son of The serpent and ancient dragon king who is about to inherit the throne from his grandfather.

with his sensitivity

Sometimes you might see him like to wander around.

Hikaru would look very innocent. and look very cute And his voice sounded a little too young.

Voice Configuration[]

He can sing Thai English and Japanese now

He have a voicebank

CV and VCV japan

Old Thai CVVC 2019 and Thai VCCV 2021

English VCCV 2021

And English Arpasing

You can try New Set With EVO Set for yourself

He can download on this official website in this link



He was an ordinary student, but in fact, he was a hidden god who came to kill the evil people. Unfortunately, Yandere was caught, raped and killed. So he was born again in the human world again. but still got the effect back He was brought into the family of the poor and the poorest.

Now, he lives as an ordinary, quiet, emotionless male student, going to cover up his abilities, and is addicted to ROV, so he always has his friend Sun to play with. In class, he was mainly walking with Chujang, Sun Eng-uei, and Chai Da.

He and Motoki got to know each other. in social media because they were chatting with each other and being close to each other until now

Usage Clause[]

  • Be sure to give credit to his creator when you use his audio library or draw him fan art.
  • All libraries are free to download.
  • Don't sell his treasury at all, because the builder was not so timid.
  • Don't take his voice to move any key and say it's your own treasury. Otherwise, it will be played to be crumpled.
  • If making a cover of a song, drawing or fan art of him Whatever it is, it's up to you.
  • In order to use Karu for commercial use, permission must be obtained and negotiated with the owner first.
  • All pictures given to Ori are considered fan art.