(Japanese: 浪音ヒカリ - なみねひかり - Namine Hikari)
浪音 (Namine; Wave Sound) - Sea waves, like with her brother.
ヒカリ (Hikari; Light) - Written in Kanji, 光
The Namine twins are not related to Ritsu Namine in any way.
TYPE: Rikuloids
MODEL: R-01 (Imprinted at her choker)
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE C4 - C5 (Sounds best at F4) RELATED CHARACTERS Riku Namine (Twin Brother)
AGE 14 GENRE Unknown HOMEPAGE You can Check Out the owner's DeviantArt
WEIGHT 88.18 lbs (40 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Chocolates CREATOR hikarimaeda
HEIGHT 5 feet (152 cm) VOICE SOURCE hikarimaeda (Real Name: Sara) PICTURE LINK LIST


Author's Gallery

BIRTHDAY March 21, 1996 LIKES Chocolates, sports. MEDIA LIST YouTube
RELEASE DATE November 3, 2010 DISLIKES Bugs, especially Grasshopers SIGNATURE SONG Hika Riku ☆ Super Fever Night
PERSONALITY: Cheerful, innocent and boyish. Loves chocolates so much, and acts like a child most of the times. Very energetic, it's like there's no limit of her excitement. Loves new things, and always have the urge to try. She's also friendly towards others, and can quickly be friends with them. She's clueless towards Riku's feelings. She loves animals, but she hates bugs especially grasshopers. Because once it landed on her foot and wouldn't go away until her brother removed it. She likes to do sports too. She likes high pitched songs, because low pitched songs make her voice weird, or so she said.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Blue
Headgear: White Headphones, each side shining bright yellow.
Eye color: Blue
Dress: Serafuku like jacket, white T-shirt and shorts.
Nationality/Race: Indonesian/Japanese

Fun Facts

- Likes animals, but hates Bugs.
- Clueless about her brother feelings.

Relations with other UTAUs (mostly one-sided).

Kagene Himeka : Close Friend, likes to stalk her when she's out with Kamirei. Close because of the creators relations.

Kamirei : Close friend, as well as prank buddy. Close because of the creators relations, but mostly because Kamirei said she's a cat.

Hoshine Stella : Idol, mostly because she's half cat.

Utaune Nami : Idol, because she said Nami is cute. She also thought Nami is in the same age as her and wouldn't change her mind even though she's told by many people.

EMU -3M : Idol, because she's the first Indonesian UTAU who's able to sing in 3 languages and dreamt to be like her one day. They also have the same colour scheme, Blue, White and Black.

VB Download!

The Namine twins' blog has been abandoned, and will no longer use that blog. But their VB are still downloadable, and comes in pack.

Namine Hikari - Riku ACT 1

Namine Hikari Append Bubbly

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