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Hatori Longshadow

(Japanese: 羽鳥・ロングシャドウ / 羽鳥・長い影)

His surname is a wordplay – Long Shadow. In his world also known as Alter.


Kaj Llingvam (mixed feelings )
Ronnir (mistake)
Adelle (mother)
Gerda Karoo (hatred)

AGE 3 cycles (looks like ~39-40 y.o.) GENRE HOMEPAGE
WEIGHT 77 kg CHARACTER ITEM Shadow hand, strawberry, spices CREATOR Sightseed, Sabishi-i

180 cm


formerly Hikk-kun,
now - Dima Tumaly

BIRTHDAY June 14 LIKES booze, spices, to cook, raw chicken meat, girls, strange jokes, freedom, travellings, flower language, feel himself cool MEDIA LIST DEMO
beta CV: July 27, 2015
CV: August 19, 2015
CV Act3: December 12, 2016
VCV [Alter]: June 08, 2018
VCV [Fear]: September 14, 2018
VCV [Nice]: September 14, 2018
do mistakes, anyone who try to know smth about his family, feel himself as a slave, his elder brothers


Personality:  He is an executioner of red part of Shado. Cunning and dodgy, can be very polite and pleasant if situation requires it. Usually plays as "city fool" and often exceeds his authority. Elder brothers often told to him that his mother would be strongly dissatisfied with his behavior. All questions about his family will make him take his mask off and become cold, strict and disgruntled person.
Personal lore: Was born at the cycle of Pale sun in Shado in the family of Shadromancer and her ward dreamer. His mother (Adelle) decided that he will be unlucky and almost abandoned him, and long time he was left to himself. He was taught by streets and a bit by his father (Evgraph). Due to the fact, that feelings between shadromancers and dreamers are forbidden, his family travelled a lot. At the end of cycle of Pale sun Evgraph died, and all what left from him - small flacon with few drops of his blood (now this flacon is the most valuable thing for Hatori). After that Hatori realized that he has powers to destroy shadromancer's materia and souls. At the cycle of Sky sun Hatori was found by Heiden Ortvick and trapped into consul's hands. Onica's Curse explained to him, how he can use his abilities and asked him about work as executioner of Cog to protect normal citizens from ghouls. Hatori accepted this and become executioner of Cog with fake name Alter. After some time gone he realized that work is kinda boring thing and first time exceeded his authority. Then these cases apeeared more often and ended with huge mistake - one day he killed a dreamer, Roma Perov (Ronnie Paranormal). At that time he had a small friendship with consul of Green part, Evangeline's Credence, and had only one decision - ask Evangeline to revive Roma as a shadromancer. He sucseeded and long time didn't see that shadro, who named Ronnir. Long time he did such crimes rarely, but failed again - when he met Kairel, he consider him as a girl (due to Kairel's long hair and thin traits) and with lies brought him to Cog. When Willow Yamaraja detected, what happened with his grandson, even Onica wasn't able to help Hatori. He was judged by Gerda Karoo and lost his right hand, then he became a Kairel's slave. Long time he rejected any romantical feelings, but finally realized that pretty attached to Kairel. Finally, Hatori helped Kairel and his former ward-dreamer Avier to return into Avier's world. Due to the fact that Kairel lost all his memories after that, Hatori used this chance for small revenge and a bit turned Kairel's life into hell, what made them enemies.

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VCV [Core] [MEGA] [mediafire] Core voicebank.
VCV+Arpasing [Fear] [MEGA] [mediafire] Core whisper voicebank.
VCV [Nice] [MEGA] [mediafire] Whisper.

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