Aino Hate


(Japanese: 愛野ハテ - Aino Hate)


愛野 (Aino) Has no meaning.

ハテ (Hate) - Literally means "results". Her name is a pun of "I know heart" and "Ai no Hate" (Terminal of Love).

TYPE: VIPPERLOID MODEL: ♥HATE (Seen in her left, upper arm)
GENDER Unknown (The creators said "It is not yet determined. However we are believing she is female.") VOICE RANGE D2-E5 @ 60-240 bpm RELATED CHARACTERS

Teto Kasane (Fellow Vipperloid)

Ruko Yokune (Fellow Vipperloid)

Ritsu Namine (Fellow Vipperloid)

Tei Sukone (Fellow Vipperloid)

Bochi Munashine (Fellow Vipperloid)



(Official Site)

WEIGHT 44kg (97lb) CHARACTER ITEM Shamisen CREATOR Togenkyou (VIP2ch board)
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 175cm (5'9") (160cm + ahoge 15cm) VOICE SOURCE Kohisaka You(小日坂 洋) aka. "PR Pantsu" - Kohisaka You is an anagram of Youko Hikasa) PICTURE LINK LIST OFFICIAL ART (NEW)OFFICIAL ART (OLD) , PIAPRO, PIXIV, DEVIANT ART, GELBOORU, GOOGLE IMAGE, PHOTOBUCKET
BIRTHDAY ??? LIKES Light novels about high school harems. MEDIA LIST NICO NICO DOUGA, YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE April 7, 2012 (Togenkyou's First Official Announcement) April 21, 2012 (Fake on-sale date) DISLIKES

Disgusting otakus.

SIGNATURE SONG All Over The Country
PERSONALITY: She/he's good at talking a lot and very bad at keeping quiet. Her/his favourite country is Yamataikoku .

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Purple

Headgear: None

Eye color: Black

Earphones: Black with purple glow.

Dress: Overalls

Nationality/Race: Presumed Japanese.

Favorite Phrase: "... Hate?" ("... Well?")

Catchphrase: "Until you die, I'll continue to sing".


Her/his voicebank is availible in her official site linked before, she seems to be one of the more popular VIPPERloids garnering a lot of views in her demo compared to other past VIPs such as Munashine Bochi and Scott.

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