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Supplemental Info

Hair Color: Lilac

Untitled drawing by adorablevocaloids-d9j2obr

Headgear: Sometimes shown with a bow

Eye colour: Blue in old images, green in recent images.

(To the right: Haruko as shown in her cover of 'Ai Kotoba')

Voice Configuration

Haruko Tsuchiya NORMAL: CV, Romaji

Haruko Tsuchiya SWEET: CV, Romaji and Hiragana

Haruko Tsuchiya VCV: VCV, Hiragana

Voicebank releases

Haruko's voicebank can be found here:

Haruko's sweet append can be found here:

VCV is still a work-in-progress.

RULES for use of the 'Haruko Tsuchiya' voicebank

1 - Please DO NOT use Haruko Tsuchiya in anyway that could offend anyone of a certain race, gender, belief or sexuality.

2 - Please do not use Haruko in explicitly sexual content or graphic violence. A little bit of violence is permitted, of course.

3 - Do not redistribute or claim as your own in any way.

4 - Ask permission before creating fan derivatives.

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