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(Japanese: すずめ はるか - Suzume Haruka)
すずめ (Suzume; Sparrow).
はるか (Haruka; Far off or Distant) - Written in Kanji, 遥.
This naming in Hiragana is intentional.

TYPE: Deathloid - A group of 5 UTAUloids made by RyokoUeda and OdooriKimura. The rest are still in development, but are for the most part planned out.

MODEL: D-001 - Short for "Deathloid 001". Her barcode is located on her left shoulder.


Haruko Suzume (Genderbend with g+30 or 35 tag)

Shoubi Kurone (The fifth Deathloid, Still under development)

Hatori Suzume (The second Deathloid, and Haruka's older brother. Currently being developed)

Chiyo Shinkichi (The third Deathloid, Haruka's rival)

Toshiro Yamasu (The fourth Deathloid)

Suzu Maki (Haruka's best friend, still under development)

Aido Ishiame (crush)

Kumo Noizu (friend)

AGE 14000 (actual age)
14 (Human age)
GENRE Pop and Rock HOMEPAGE Deathloid Homepage
WEIGHT 97 lbs (44 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Dice, Plush Bunny, Scythe CREATOR Ryoko_Ueda (mastermind)
Ryoko_Ueda and OdooriKimura (illustrators)


BIRTHDAY None (Since she is death, she was technically never born, but if she did have one, it would be February 10th) LIKES Bunnies, Sparkles, Cute clothes, Playing Games, Gambling, Being told she's cute, Singing, Her Guitar, The sound of footsteps, Spending time with her brother MEDIA LIST Youtube


RELEASE DATE February 10, 2010 DISLIKES Things that are silent, Losing, Being ignored, Spiders, Getting stuff in her hair, People who are cuter than herself, Cats SIGNATURE SONG Konna ni Chikaku De
PERSONALITY: Haruka is a grim reaper, but she isn't like other grim reapers. She loves everything that is cute, and scary stuff, well, scares her. She is afraid of the dark, and of other reapers. She is overall a rather perky person who always has her plush bunny with her, who she calls "bunny". Haruka loves being cute, and hates anyone cuter than herself. Haruka also is a gambling addict, and her favorite game is Russian Roulette, which she has a bad habit of losing at (which always freaks everyone out). Overall, Haruka is a very sweet girl who is very protective, if not a bit overpossesive, of her friends and family. She has a lot of friends.

Here is a list of all of Haruka's friends!

Haruka loves making new friends, so if you have an UTAU you want to be friends with her, just leave a comment on Miyazaki11's talk page!

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Pale purple (almost white).
Headgear: Dark purple heart-shaped hair clip.
Eye color: Purple.
Earphones: Silver ear-thing with an antenna.
Dress: Purple tailed-vest with a darker purple sailor-style collar, with a light purple bow on it. Dark purple pleated skirt with a darker band at the bottom, light purple socks, and dark purple marry janes. Her sleeves are a dark purple band on her shoulder, with the rest of the sleeve starting at her elbow. She also has small, black wings.
Nationality/Race: Shinigami, or Grim Reaper by western terms. Japanese by Human viewpoint.
Favorite phrase: None yet
Scythe: Haruka's scythe is also her favorite guitar. It is a dark-purple electric guitar with a very long neck. At the end of the neck is a very ornate scythe.

Voice Configuration

Haruka Suzume's voice is currently configured to sing only in Japanese. Recently, AnnaMaeBlythe made Oto.Ini for her, so now she can read both Romaji and Hiragana.

You can download her old voicebank here: Haruka Suzume's Voicebank

And you can hear her sing here! : Haruka Suzume - JewelFish

Her newest voicebank can be downloaded here: Haruka Suzume New Act

Download her Oto.Ini files(made by AnnaMaeBlythe): Oto.Ini files

Haruka will be going through a voicebank upgrade in the next few months, in which missing phenomes will be added, as well as English phenomes.

Popular Appearances

None yet, let's hope we can change that.

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