Haru Nekoni

Haru Nekoni.png

Name Interpretation: 春 - Spring 猫に - The Cat

Type: UTAUloid

Model: -

Gender Female Voice Range F3~F#5 Related Charaters Kogoe Yume(Friend)

Kuma Hoshino(Friend)

Age '15 in Human Years'30 in cat years Genre Any Homepage Wix
Weight 40kg Character Item Catnip and cat toys Creator Fennirs
Height 129cm Voice Source Fennirs Picture Link List Deviant Art
Birthday Mar. 20 1986 Likes anything cat related Media List Soundcloud
Release Date May 2, 2016 Dislikes anything not cat related Signature Song Nya Nya
  • Hair: Alien Armpit
  • Eye color: Turquoise
  • Accessories: none
  • Nationality: Japanese American
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