The CV voicebank works with Hiragana and Romaji UST.

Harotsu Koshima: The Voicebank is in the homepage


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Please do not change the voicebank and DO NOT claim it your own.  

More Information

Hair color: Blond   

Headgear: Headset   

Eye color: Green   

Nationality/Race: Lithuanian   

Usage Clause

Harotsu koshima voicebank is available free of charge under the following conditions

  1. You comply with UTAU Usage Policy.
  2. Commercial usage without prior permission is forbidden
  3. Redistribution of the voicebank is not allowed.
  4. Religious expression is allowed as long it doesn't offend the faith.
  5. Political expression is forbidden
  6. Sexual Expression is allowed, but don't go to far. If it spreading awareness that is fine.
  7. Violence is discouraged.
  8. You are allowed to draw fan art. Don't step out of the line.

Working In Progress Voicebanks

  • Working on VCV voicebank (For Harotsu Koshima)
  • Working on making a Lithuanian voicebank for Harotsu Koshima
  • Different versions of the voicebank like whisper and so on
  • Working on English Voicebank 
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