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Harmony ZEKO (ハーモニー ZEKO) is an American voicebank for the UTAU program.


Harmony was created in 2012 as a self-insert UTAU. Over the years, she has had several designs, most notably in 2014 where she had nearly 20 designs. It wasn't until 2018 when a design motif stuck and has been similar ever since.

Because of her voicebank originally being made in 2013, her voice was very childish and wasn't very well put together. After actually learning the program, faynatical made better quality voicebanks. In 2018, a CVVC bi-pitch was released with a stronger tone.

She was given two siblings, Bell and Clef ZEKO, in 2018 but they haven't been updated since. Originally, she was going to have two sisters based on faynatical's real life siblings but those were scrapped in favor of their own characters.


Early Designs

Early versions of Harmony's designs were based on faynatical's favorite bits and pieces from early 2010's VOCALOID culture, or at least as much as they were exposed to. While originally a cat-girl, the cat aspects were soon dropped but the core design stayed: based on the Crypton VOCALOIDS with a rainbow palette. Her designs changed as faynatical saw fit but the original 2013 design is the one that came back the most and is the canon design for that CV bank. Her personality was the generic "bored teen".

In 2018, she was given a more simplified and structured appearance. While the design changed slightly, the core elements stayed.

Current Design

Harmony's current design (as of 2019) is of a magical girl with a soft spoken demeanor. While singing, her voice becomes more open but not as stable as she wishes. Her motif is an Ouji fashioned "tomboy". Even while being shy, Harmony is open to making friends but tends to worry too much about them. She also has a habit of talking too much about her favorite things.

Harmony is a guardian type Magical, tasked to protect good hearted people. If she becomes emotionally unstable, she will become a Witch and will act on instinct.

Harmony is generally shipped with the VOCALOID vFlower for comfort reasons. However, Harmony can still be paired with other feminine/femme-aligned characters.

  • Item - Magical Wand
  • Likes - Candy, Fidget Toys, Stuffed Animals, Her Siblings
  • Dislikes - Heights, Loud Noises/Conversations, Her Witch Form


  • Harmony - an agreement / combination of tones (based on faynatical's real name)
  • ZEKO - based on faynatical's original username ZekoNeko (has no meaning)


  • Hair color - Black with dark pink gradient, messy bob cut
  • Headgear - None
  • Eye color - Black with pink accents (covered eye is inverted colors)
  • Earphones - None
  • Outfit - Ouji fashion with a pink, black, and white theme
  • Accessories - Pink breamnote hair clip


  • Bell ZEKO - triplet sister
  • Clef ZEKO - triplet brother
  • PINKU - friend
  • Peiton - friend
  • JYOZE - friend

Voicebank Distribution

Product Information
  Genre: Generally Most  Range: F3 ~ A#4 (Recorded at C4)  Tempo: 70 ~ 160 BPM
  Input: Romanji encode/Kana alias (2013 CV), Kana encode/alias  System: Windows
Package details as noted:


  • Softer than her recent banks
  • Younger tone
  • Muffled due to mic (Frisbee jack mic)
  • Monopitch
  • OTO is old, will be updated to a newer version in the near future


  • Bi-Pitch
  • More power driven tone
  • OTO generated in Moresampler with minimal editing
  • Testing of CVVC


  • not yet released
Voicebank sample

These will be updated with proper basic samples soon

Original 2013 Release

2018 CVVC

2020 VCV

Additional Information

Terms of Use

  • You may use Harmony in NC-17 related songs but you may NOT draw/depict the character of Harmony in NSFW/sexual works
    • dark subjects are okay but please mark the content appropriately
  • Do not use Harmony in demeaning, illegal, or defamatory works
  • Do not modify Harmony's banks or create derivatives unless given permission from faynatical
  • Do not use Harmony in commercial works unless necessary measures are taken to get the proper rights
  • Do not use Harmony to claim her as your own (whether it's the character, artwork, voicebank, or configuration)
  • If you use Harmony please credit to faynatical


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