Harl Millis NEW

Information about her

Type:UTAULoid, or NAH??

Name:Harland Millis

Age:Maybe 17

Birthday: July 4



Occupation:High school student

Related Characters

-Hartley Millis [younger twins]

-Rosie Perrie [best friend, classmate]

-Joanne Clyde [hangout friend]

Release Date: since May 21, 2015

Birthplace:Somewhere in Northern Ireland

Signature Song:just wait

Creator and Voice Sourcer:BowlingMillisIrish


Now she can sings in Japanese only [but she will have her English bank in the future]


[Act 1]

-Romaji only

-No hiragana alias and have some bad voice

oto.ini by AmmiizJang Ph [creator of Maikita DT-200 and MIJIRULOID]

Will be available until March 1, 2016

[Act 2]

-Now with Hiragana aliases

-More reclists and sounds are still look like Act 1

Listen HERE!!!

Will be available until March 10 ,2016


[Act 3]

-New voice 100%

-Her voice will be a LOT better than her first 2 voicebanks

[CV Special]

Will have 4 voicebanks in 1 .rar file

-CV Lady

She will have a soft voice for a little bit, but not much

-CV Deep

Deep and cold voice

-CV Eternal

Will be a soprano voicebank,but not too much, because it will be dangerous for your ears

-CV Royal

The sweetest and softest voicebank

Har Millis CV Royal design


Will have only 1 VCV bank

By the way, in "READ ME" file, I will give you flag for many style voices

[CVVC English]

Her first and only English VB

Like VCV, will have flags for different voices

[CVVC Chinese]

-Maybe release in 2017

Character Design

Now she has a new design :D


Hair Color:Lavender

Eyes Color:Purple

Skin Color:White

Shirt:Light Purple with Purple Hearts in the shirt

Trousers:Dark Blue

Belt:Dark Grey



Ribbon:Light Purple

Headphones:Gold with Pink mini microphone

Usage Clause [I don't know what does it mean]

1.If you will gonna use her voicebank,you have to credit me BowlingMillisIrish

2.DON'T steal any of her voicebank!!!!

3.Free to download [in every VB]

4.Don't claim Millis as yours

5.Don't steal Millis's design to make your UTAULOID

6.Don't make any pitchbank from her

7.DON'T use her for R-18 art,because I Hate it

8.Don't steal and sell any voicebank,a distributor is BowlingMillisIrish ONLY!!!! :D


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