Hanami Hoshino (星野ハナミ(ほしの はなみ)) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


Hanami is a loving person who likes to take care of the people she holds dearly. She loves using fairy magic to clean the house and tend the garden, as well as heal others when they're sick. She also loves to cook and bake and do group activities with her friends. She's also very good with children.

She has a thing for sharp-dressed gentlemen, though she's generally rather shy around men.

Etymology details

  • Name: Hoshino (星野) - "Star field"; Hanami (ハナミ/花実) - "Flowers and fruit".
  • Type: Lotte❤Loid (LV01) - She was the first Lotte❤Loid created.
  • Other: Xing Hua Jian (星花见 (simplified)/星花見 (traditional)) - Chinese name; Seong Hwa-gyeon (성화견) - Korean name.

Character details

  • Description: Hanami is a sakura-themed fairy with light purple hair in pigtails and green eyes. Her wings are in the shape of cherry blossom petals. She also has pointy ears. She wears a bit of makeup. Her skin tone is tan and her build is curvy but still fairly slim. She's of Eurasian ethnicity.
  • Outfit:
    • Default: She wears a tiny frilly peasant crop top with a short frilly tight skirt with a sakura belt, both in light spring green with light pink. She wears a pink bra or bikini top underneath with visible tie-up straps. She wears a pink veil or transparent scarf on her arms. She also wears ballet shoes and her pigtails are wrapped up in bows. She has other bow accessories as well, combined with various types of sakura-themed jewelry, including earrings, a necklace, and a belly button piercing. The cartilage of her left ear is also pierced, with a sakura jewel in it.
    • Dancer: She wears an Indian-inspired outfit consisting of a short choli top tied at the back with a long, low-rise lehenga skirt together with a dupatta veil over her arms. The outfit is decorated with cherry blossoms. It uses the same colors as her default outfit. Her jewelry is more elaborate with bracelets, a choker, a hair chain and a longer, double-folded necklace in addition to some of the jewelry already in place.
  • Likes: Spring- and summertime, flowers, animals, walks in nature, cute but elegant fashion, beauty products, cooking and cleaning, dancing, positivity, caring for children, handsome gentlemen (especially with facial hair).
  • Dislikes: Gray skies, sadness, wilted flowers, people who are too serious, slobs.


Voicebank distribution

Product Information
  Genre: Pop, dance, electronic, R&B, rock  Range: F#3~B6 (Starter Edition); F3~B6 (Anniversary)  Tempo: 50-200
  Input: Romaji-encoded, kana-aliased  Vowels: Basic Japanese vowels  System: Microsoft Windows
Package details as noted:

"Starter Edition" CV:

  • CV-VV voicebank.
  • Tri-pitch (C4, F4, C5).
  • Only "Core" voice type present.
  • Designed to be beginner-friendly.
  • Above C5, the voice becomes falsetto.
  • Sounds rather choppy at times due to being a CV bank (except for the vowels); this is unfortunately inherent to these types of banks.

"Anniversary" CVVC

  • 2-mora CVVC voicebank.
  • Tri-pitch (C4, F4, C5).
  • Contains the following voicetypes:
    • Core (no suffix)
    • Power (_強)
    • Soft (_弱)
    • Whisper (voiceless) (_囁)
  • Above C5, the voice becomes falsetto in the case of Core and Soft. In the case of Power, it becomes a belting voice.
  • Whisper only comes as a CV version, albeit with VV transitions. It also has only one "pitch" due to being voiceless.
  • Recommended to be used with Presamp.
  • By default only supports hiragana input, but also supports romaji when used with Presamp.
  • Sounds more fluid than her CV bank.
Downloads as noted:

"Starter Edition" CV:

"Anniversary" CVVC:

Voicebank sample

"Starter Edition" CV:

"Anniversary" CVVC:





Voicebank details

Terms of Use

All the provisions below shall be applied to the voicebank:

  • R-18 Content Allowed? Yes
  • Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? With permission
  • Commercial Use of Character Allowed? With permission
  • Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes
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