Hanako has red-purple hair down to her hips, in the front there are two smaller strands that go down to her chest, her hair parts to the left. She wears a grey collared sleveless shirt with a purple tie and a short slit skirt which is either deep purple or black. She sometimes wears a small grey wristband. She is 20 years old and is 5'7" tall.


Hanako was always a shy and resevedd utau who enjoyed reading and was content with her college life until she met her soon to be best freind Alice Yun. Alice was out of control at first and Hanako helped her get back on the right track and they also began singing together. Hanako after meeting Alice and later Chiyeko she became loud and outgoing, always being the one to embaresss Alice and get a laugh out of it.


Hanako has a Japanese voicebank which sounds realistic and is very highandd her voice does not work well with low notes. Her upcoming append Mezzo-Power will hopefully resolve the issue with low notes.

About the creator

You can find her YouTube at and all the songs shess sung at .