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Hana Chikako

(Japanese: はなちかこ - Hana Chikako)

はな (Hana; Flower)
ちかこ (Chikako) - Japanese female name
Not to be confused with Hana Kyou or Hana Kone.


G2 ~ C#7

Finds immense comfort whilst singing in higher registers.


Miku Hatsune (Inspiration)

Ritsu Namine (Sworn Enemy)

Raku Tengaine

(Student and older brother figure)

Jinx Nyota

(Pet Puppy)



YouTube Channel

WEIGHT 74.1 lbs (33.61 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Yogurt CREATOR R. K.



5'4" feet (163 cm)


B: 20.22 inches (51.49 cm)

W: 18.13 inches (46.05 cm)

H: 70.87 inches (179.51) cm)


UPDATED CONCEPT ART (Hana still has a tail). Gallery

BIRTHDAY 02/13 LIKES Attention, Compliments, Anything With A Deep Voice, Sheep, People Who Accept Her Body, Anything Dairy, Strawberries, Yogurt, Strawberry Yogurt, Video Games, Anything That Sounds Good When Tuned. MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE 07/27/2010 DISLIKES Death, Injury, The Dark, Thunder, Loud Noises, Over-Thinkers, Being Called Prepubescent, Anything That Sounds Good Even Without Tuning, Traps. SIGNATURE SONG Sleeping Beauty
PERSONALITY: Hana is a bit more confident now, yet owns a very low self-esteem. Very insecure due to people making fun of her body. Also paranoid and quick to judge, making her very defensive. Also acquired a love for singing in the Hebrew language.

Supplemental Information[]

Hair color: White

Headgear: Neko Ears (organic, real appendages ((birthright)) usually fixated at the sides, but can be prehensile when needed; ear-drums are not prehensile, though, so headphones would still be in the position Hana's ears were at once).

Eye color: White and are without pupils, yet they are still working and effective.

Earphones: Purple

Clothing: Sleeveless Gray Hoodie. Gray and Black Striped Scarf usually wraps about the mouth and hangs down the front. Black boyshorts. One striped stocking (Black and White), and one solid black stocking. Striped arm warmers

Nationality/Race: British/Neko

Favorite Phrase: " Oy . . . "

Voice Configuration[]

Hana Chikako ACT2 CV

Hana Chikako's ACT2 CV voicebank is NOW available for public distribution here. This is R.K.'s first 'true' voicebank and it utilized R.K.'s pitching of samples—they are not her true voice yet they do get the job done.

Hana Chikako ~SOFT~ Append

This specific append is the first one that R.K. recorded. This append is suitable for subtle, sweet, soft songs. Users may be able to pull off intense songs or use it for a light background voice in choruses or something of that sort. Download Hana Chikako's ~SOFT~ Append here.

Hana Chikako ACT3 CV

This voicebank is an updated voicebank that is more true to R.K.'s voice and, as a result, is much more smooth than ACT2 CV and SOFT CV. Download ACT3 CV here.

Hana Chikako ~SOFT~ Triphonic Voicebank + Hebrew

This specific append is the first triphonic voicebank that will be distributed to the public. While the voicebank is a work in progress, still, R.K. welcomes all to use it and have fun with it until completion. Users are welcome to oto it as they please and less restrictions are put on the voicebank. This is also Hana's first step into bilingualism with Hebrew Phonemes. Hana was recorded in such a way to have the few Hebrew overtones and phonemes to pronounce some words. Though, this is still a work in progress and is expected to be treated as such. Download Hana Chikako's ~SOFT~ Triphonic Voicebank + Hebrew here.

To Be Announced.

MMD Model[]


MMD Render of Hana Chikako

(Model is out of date please PM R.K. personally for newest edition of Hana Chikako)

Notable Works[]

Sleeping Beauty (Utilizes all four of Hana's public voicebanks)

Golden Time Lover

Dear You ~Kind~ (~SOFT~ Append Demo song)

Be MYSELF (Hana's Triphonic demo song)

Miracle Paint

Alice Mu-Cho Remix (Hana's Hebrew demo song)

Sweet Devil

Usage Clause[]

Redistribution and reuploading of this voicebank requires prior permission. Redistribution of the edited/modified voicebank requires prior permission.

Please refer to any voicebank's readme.txt for further information regarding the Usage Clause. Thank-You.

This article is written and certified true and correct by R. K., the creator of Hana Chikako. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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