Halt Tanner

(Japanese: タンナー ・ハルト (literal) - タノル ・ハレト (alias) - Tanoru Hareto)

Halt/Hareto (ハレト) - Harmony+Alto (English words fused and mangled; she was recorded to sing harmony for Soledi, and her range is contralto.)
Tanner/Tanoru (タノル) - Tenor (words sound similar; her range is approximately that of a tenor, except she's female so she's not one. Joke on the part of the voicer.)

MODEL: C16 (C designates Cdra's voice; 16 is her number. This number is not known to appear anywhere on Halt's body, but...)

A2-F5 (This is a guideline more than a definite range. Some of her vbs can stretch this easily.) @ 100 BPM

Type: Mellow, mature, deep female vocal.  Somewhat solid but soft.


Soledi Renje (best friend)

Kory Stone (friend)

Bari Tanner (little brother; same voice source)

Hal Tanner (genderbend)

AGE 26 GENRE Rock (of the softer variety), Electronic, Folk HOMEPAGE link
WEIGHT 150 lb (68 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Licorice, specifically black CREATOR Cdra (YOUTUBE, DEVIANTART, SOUNDCLOUD)


BIRTHDAY June 24 (day her first recording began) LIKES Bright colors, her hair, low harmony parts written for females, Soledi and her other friends MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE, SOUNDCLOUD
RELEASE DATE November 20, 2011 DISLIKES Bari (because he's annoying), Cdra (for generally being cruel), high notes. SIGNATURE SONG TIDEとゆう(YOUTUBE)
PERSONALITY: ((Her personality is meant to be taken loosely. Interpret and alter it as you need for songs, etc.)) A relaxed, easy-going sort; Halt is mature and soft-spoken. She is rarely if ever seen angry or frustrated, even at her truly eccentric friend Renje Soledi--really, her only pet peeves are her brother and being asked to sing "high notes". She isn't terribly confident about her singing ability and prefers low harmony parts. Despite its manly look, she loves her hairstyle very much. Unlucky in love and given to sighing. Closet otaku.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Mid-gray. Style is a long mullet, which can be worn many ways.
Headgear: None.
Eye color: Lime green
Earphones: Sometimes wears small silver ones that wrap around the back of the ear, but for the most part she doesn't wear them because of her piercings.
Dress: Rather insanely colorful and asymmetrical. See official art.
Others: Her left ear has two piercings in the lobe and one in the cartiledge. Her right has one in the lobe and an industrial through the cartiledge. She has several others, as shown on her official art.
Nationality/Race: American, likely midwestern. (given her accent in English)

Both "Halt" and "Hareto" are valid names for this character. "Halt" is her official name; "Hareto" is a fond nickname that she is called by her friends, and her Japanese alias. You can use the one you like better.

Here can be found here:

Voice Configuration

Halt keeps updated on three voicebank styles: "CV" (rentan CV with CV VC) Japanese, VCV Japanese, and CV VC English. The latest iterations of each are below:

She has a CV VC English 2.0 voicebank with two pitches at F3 and C4.  It is a FULL English voicebank using Cz's English system.  Various extensions are planned to improve her high range and versitility on this bank. You can download it here (in full from 4shared) or here (in two parts from mediafire) also, download this DOCUMENTATION UPDATE with either one.

Her "CV" 3.0 voicebank is romaji-encoded with hiragana and romaji aliases for CV and CV VC. It also has aliasing for a small amount of VCV. This voicebank contains 7 natural pitches (E3/G3/A#3/C#4/E4/G4/A#4), 2 edge-of-range natural pitches (C#3 gravel, C#5 falsetto), and 4 expansion pitches (2 soft, 2 strong). Download the complete VB here or you can request a custom (strong/soft/core only) packaging from Cdra.

Halt's (standalone) VCV 2.1 (updated 12/21/12) is 3-pitch--the pitches are E3/B3/F4. It is romaji-encoded with hiragana-only aliasing and Japanese-only support. Download it here

"CV" 2.0

CV VC English 1.0

VCV 1.0

CV VC English LITE

Halt has voicebanks in progress including a VCV 3 (9-pitch), FROST[LITE EN] (whisper/growl voicebank), CLEAR[LITE EN] (clear head voice), and other potential LITE EN extensions.

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