Supplemental Information

Haircolor - Hazelbrown with blonde tips

Eyes - Turquoise

Headset/Earphones - Butterfly Headphones with Microphone. When blank, the headphone is in a black color with Yellow stripes. When the Wings appear, they become Yellow and Blue with a glow.

Torso - A yellow shirt with black parts. The lower part of Hajime's shirt is jagged in black. The black part goes up in Hajime's shirt in 2 pieces and they form a shape which look like drumsticks.

Left arm and Hand - On his left arm he has 3 black large bracelets and he wears a black leather glove where only the middle finger and ring finger are covered in the leather.

Right arm and Hand - On his right hand he wears the same glove as his left arm. He does not wear any accessory on his right arm.

Trousers - Hajime wears long black trousers with large yellow pockets and a yellow belt.

Shoes - Hajime's shoes are in Black and the shoe soles are Yellow.

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