Personality: He is too kind, always trying to fulfill his little sister, Chizuha's selfish request. He also never tries to fight back. His sister always demands expensive things (especially food) until one day he snapped. From that day on, he became scary when it comes down to money and food. His cooking is rather good, except for desserts. He has a very sweet tooth, so the desserts that he makes are too sweet for normal people.


Hair color: Orange

Eye color: Green

Voice Configuration

Hachizu isn't by default, so you will need to set g+12 to get him.

Supports hiragana and romaji.


Usage Clauses

  • Credit ChiieruHimezuki if you use the voicebank.
  • Do not claim Hachizu as your own.
  • Do not pitch the voicebank into another characters which are not Chizuha or Hachizu.
  • Do not use Hachizu for illegal or offensive things.
  • Do not use for commercials.
  • Do not redistribute the voicebanks.
  • This voicebank is free, not for selling.
  • Put in his name if he's used in any of your works.


MikuMikuDance Model


MMD model by ChiieruHimezuki.

Currently not available for download.

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