CV Multipitch (G3,D4)

the releasevideo and download link for the ACT2


'The video is a tutorial to install it, and use it. ('English and Spanish)

Some recomendations in order to use this Vb are

  • is preferable to sing joyful, and animated songs
  • Using With TIPS.exe resampler

This Vb is for amateur users, it's very easy to use.

Has Hirgana Alias. and some extras.

Romaji encoded with


Character Description 

Hair : Orange (some days change to red)

Eyes : Green (some days change to blue)

Hobbies : Working in the coffee. play music for friends. sing with other utaus. prepare desserts with Gladis.

Likes: Love the study of cultures and biology. loves animals, feels a natural appreciation for them.Write in his journal. Make his own clothes. loves Galekz (HL-A2 Gael x Alekz)

Usage Clause

  • -{You shouldn't give this UTAUloid as yours.
  • -{This voicebank is for free use, shouldn't be used for commercial purposes.
  • -{don't copy/edti this Oto.ini
  • -{Please don't distribute.
  • -{Show me whatever you make with Gael 


If you need help using my utau, you can find me here (english or spanish)


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