HIROTO -NEO- started as a test voicebank that was not supposed to be distributed. However, Nagi (Hiroto's Voice provider) really liked the result and choose to turn him into a serious UTAU. Now, his CVVC Single Pitch voicebank is available for download for everyone, and Nagi has several ideas for Hiroto's future.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Dark purple (with some dark blue shines on Sun's light)
Headgear: Headphones (Similar to Luka V4X's ones)
Eye color: Red (with yellow shines)
Dress: A grey suit with a white sweatshirt under it.
Accessories: A galaxy-themed necktie with the Ursa Major constellation on it. A black glove with a tactile screen on his right hand. Two purple LED belts (with an audio spectrum on them).
Nationality/Race: Japanese


After liking HIROTO -NEO- CVVC Single Pitch voicebank's result, Nagi decided to distribute it. It was released on September 3, 2015.

HIROTO -NEO- [CVVC Single Pitch]

The test voicebank that was decided to be released. A soft voicebank, non intended to high pitched songs. Recorded in 1 pitch.

Usage Clause

Author's Permission/Redistribution

  • When uploading a work using HIROTO -NEO-, please credit him in an obvious place.
  • Commercial use is allowed with permission from Nagi.
  • Use of HIROTO -NEO- to support or condone illegal activities is strictly prohibited.
  • Redistribution of any of HIROTO -NEO- voicebanks are forbidden.

Character Usage

  • Unofficial costume designs are allowed.
  • NL/BL/GL (after genderbend) is allowed.
  • No responsibility can be claimed for damage caused by the usage of this voicebank.
  • Sexual representation is allowed.
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