Voicebank Types Date Release Video DL
All Mediafire
Indonesian CV-VC December 25, 2019 Bilibili / Niconico Mediafire
VCV October 1, 2019 YouTube Mediafire
CV August 5, 2019 YouTube / Bilibili Mediafire


On August 5, 2019, Hapunza's first VB has been released.

On October 1 of the same year, Hapunza's first VCV VB has been released.

Terms of Using

・You can't edit Hapunza's oto.ini, waves, texts, and images. You can't republish Hapunza's voicebank either.

・Please pay attention to the song's copyright when you're making a cover by using Hapunza's voicebank.

・You can't use Hapunza's voicebank to cover songs that are illegal or unethical. Songs that are R-18, bloody, and violent will not be allowed to be covered either.

・Commercial use requires my permission.

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