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Name: H.U.GEAS / ไทย: เอชยู กีอัส

Type: UTAUloid

Genre: -

Voice Range: C#2 - G4

Weight: 50 kg

Height: 162 cm

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Nationality: Thai-Japanese

Birthday: 3 January

Release date: 23 July 2015

Related Characters: Kasuren Neonne (Friend) , P.W.RAMI (Twins) , Jushine Tomato (Friend) ,Kasuren Neonlight (Friend)

Character Item: Plant pot

Voicer : DarK_PuppeT

Media , Home page: Sound Cloud , Youtube

Likes: Tomato , Kimchi , Natural/low sugar tea

Dislikes: Witch


He's made by the scientist who want to hunt the witches without Magical Girl power , so his energy is from Grief seeds ,he adapts the despair energy into the mechanical energy but unfortunately his system is not completely , He'll seek grief seeds to extend his life otherwise he will die.


H.U.GEAS CV (DEMO) : Click!

[09/15/2015] H.U.GEAS CV (V1) : Click!

[07/05/2016] H.U.GEAS_WARM (CV): Click! WARM -> UNRUFFLED

[10/13/2016] H.U.GEAS_"UN"packed (UNRUFFLED+NORMAL) : Click!