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極彩色聲 is currently in progress, please wait patiently for the creator (T0nkotsuP) to finish. Thank you for understanding.

Character Introductions

気軽い譜 (きがる・ふ)/Kigarui Fu: 「Hiya! Just a cheerful kid singing freely! Hehe nice to meet ya!」A cheerful boy who is always singing and dancing without care, Fu is an energetic and fun to be around with kid. Fu is often seen singing with Koe on cheerful songs- or just appear as a model represented in the song.

極彩色聲(ごくさいしき・こえ)/Gokusaishiki Koe:「I'm very glad I'm here meeting you, I hope we can become close friends.」Gentle like a blossoming flower, Koe enjoys singing all the time and is mostly spending his time indoors, as he is having a rough time going past his creator's death.

獄窓恋(ごくそう・こい)/Gokusou Koi:「Please do forgive me if I make any mistakes while singing with you...I don't wish to make you look bad...」Full of regrets, Koi is mostly a dark and heavy person, usually spending his time alone. Koi usually sings heavy or dark themed songs with Koe, or just appear as the model in the song.

Most Common Phrases

  • Koe: Let's sing and fill this world of ours with color!!!
  • Koi: I'm not trying to be a bother..but will it be ok if we sang?
  • Fu: Hehe my heart can't stop beating! I'm so happy to be here singing with you!!


極彩色聲(ごくさいしき・こえ)/Gokusaishiki Koe: Gokusaishiki Koe is a calm and gentle boy, he has troubles with many things as he overthinks many times. He usually enjoys staying indoors as he feels more comfortable in his bedroom. He loves singing his heart out and dancing with passion and energy. One thing for sure is that one of his main troubles is liking himself, as he is not very positive many times- but tries his best to change that of himself, he is also having trouble facing the reality that his master (Father) is gone and cannot come back, though his Father left an AI of himself as a file on the computer Koe came from. Koe keeps this file on his pen drive and when his father's death anniversary comes by, he always makes sure to visit that world. Koe is very friendly but very shy and does not handle too much attention very well, and will blame himself often for many things, even if they are not his fault. Koe usually has his headphones on his backpack since he feels like music and internet have been such close companions that he refuses to let those two go as they're very important to him. Usually, on his private time, Koe sometimes browses the internet being a pervert but he doesn't like being a pervert too often, since he feels like being perverted too much can be time wasting at times, however he keeps that a secret as he doesn't want anyone getting the wrong idea of who he is. His favorite sounds (music styles) consist of Lemm, Reol, Yunosuke, Giga, Kikuo, DECO*27, Pinoccio-P, MASA WORKS DESIGN, GHOST, Wowaka (Rest In Peace), and many other more, but mainly Lemm and Reol. He often adresses some of his friends as "Senpai" since he feels like they're his upper classmen, in other words Koe admires them deeply and sometimes wishes he could be as cool and as amazing as them someday. He's often seen being quite perverted however he only does such things in private, he wouldn't want anyone thinking wrongly of him.

Koe can be quite a sensitive yet curious person sometimes, his heart is often percieved as fragile, he's often conflicted with his emotions- meaning he has no idea sometimes of how to control his feelings, mainly love for other male kemono UTAUs or his sadness, whenever he's sad all he does is cry or just attempt to find a way to ease his sadness. His heart however does belong to Sorabara Azo, but he sometimes he fears he will be a bad lover if he "bothers" or talks too much- he does not wish to take too much of his time as he doesn't want to appear as clingy nor irritating by talking too much. He however is very kind, though his fears and anxieties make him feel restrained and unable to properly express himself. He sometimes may shut others away or just simply not interact with people. Though he will make his best effort to make everyone and/or anyone happy, no matter what he does he will try his best to please other people.

Character Items: Cherry Blossom, Sharp Scissors, Speakers and Headphones



Fears: Gaining weight, the very dark, losing someone very important, spiders, falling to his death, socializing with many strangers, being laughed at (Humiliation), being constantly stared at, being bullied or hurt phisically by someone, some bugs in general, losing too much blood, being used and/or manipulated to do something bad, hurting one's feelings, being left alone with no help, (this is still a work in progress, many of these will change soon)


Species: Shiba Inu x Maine Coon, Catdog Hybrid Kemono

Nicknames: Koko, Kokoro, Koi, Koe-chan


Work In Progress...


Concept for Design and Appearance



[1]Akita Neru - Good Friend, Senpai

[2]Yowane Haku - Good Friend, Senpai

[3]Kasane Teto - Best Friends, Senpai

[4]Otone Peke - Goes out with her occasionally as he feels comfortable talking to her by notebook, good friends.

[5]Zatsune Miku - Friend, Senpai

[6]Sakine Meiko - Good Friend

[7]WALTT - Senpai

[8]Sorabara Azo - Very close, Koe usually refers him as 'Anata' (貴男) or "Dear".

[9]Kemonone Rou - Senpai

[10]Intaneto Benja - Very very close friends.

[11]CryptonLoids - Music and Vocal teachers.

Gokusei Kokoro - Usually addressed as Koe's little brother.

Gokusou Koi - Usually addressed as Koe's big brother.

K❤K❤ - Usually presented as Koe's twin brother.

Terms of Use / Do's and Don'ts

  • R18 Art is permitted, however, you may not draw Gokusaishiki with any kind of futanari, women or anything related to the woman body. Koe sees the woman as a good friend or friend in a friendly manner only, nothing more than that. He deeply respects women and does not want to be associated with them in sexual intercourses, only in friendly hang outs, and such.
  • You may not use this character for roleplaying. This character is strictly forbidden from being used in any kind of roleplaying. You may, write fanfiction, or do anything else but this character is not to be stolen or recolored, or claimed as your own in any way, shape or form.
  • You are not permitted to make fanloids of any sorts out of Gokusaishiki, he already has 3 derivatives and an extra alternate design called "K❤K❤". K❤K❤ is an alternate bunny design for Koe, he is not an UTAU, he is mainly used in illustrations and MVs. You are free to make art of him, you can also make MMD models of him as well, and of course, commercial use of voicebank is allowed for good use only, do NOT use this voicebank for any harmful activity, such as hate, racism, sexism, nor any kinds of propaganda or offensive content. Commercial use of the voicebank is allowed. Use Koe wisely, and do not change his personality or attributes or gender in any way.
  • You can use Gokusaishiki Koe, and his two derivatives for any comercial use EXCEPT K❤K❤, as stated before he is an alternate Koe design.
  • All of these terms apply to all three of the characters displayed in this page.


Contains Fanart, Concept Art, Early Concepts, & Official Artwork

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