Gerda Karoo (ゲルダカルー) is a derivative voicebank for the UTAU program.


Judge of blue part of Shado. Was created by Emmanuel Morph by request for Hannah's Regret as substitute of Willow Yamaraja, previous judge, when he disappeared. Gerda is truly lawful neutral, she is impartial and phlegmatic person. When Willow returned, he allowed her to stay at judge's place. Gerda obey to him as to seniour and more experienced man.


  • Item - ink
  • Likes - Blue color, to share her own opinion, mystical books and instrumental music
  • Dislikes - being alone


  • Karoo – to pull into dream (greek)
  • Gerda - ...


  • Hair color - black
  • Headgear - none
  • Eye color - blue
  • Earphones - none
  • Outfit - default outfit represents long blue dress with layered skirt


Voicebank distribution

Voicebank Reclist Range Description DL
VCV Japanese VCV 7mora E2-B3 "For Gerda's voice you need to use this vb with g-33 flag." DL
CVC Russian Heiden.BZR's CVC2 E2-B3 "For Gerda's voice you need to use this vb with g-33 flag." DL

Voice details

  • Input - romaji encoded and romaji&hiragana aliased
  • System - Microsoft Windows
  • Details - for Gerda's voice you need to use g-33 flag.

Voice samples

Additional information

Terms of Use

All the provisions below shall be applied to the voicebank, Gerda Karoo.


  • B-day - August 01
  • Intersting fact: Emmanuel created Gerda's voice using the high-pitched recording of his son's voice.
  • Hatori loathes her, due to the fact that he was defendant, and was sentenced to just punishment.


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