Name interpretation: N/A

Type: Gladioloid(Utauloids made by Gladiorthis)

Model: GL01(GasMaskMan is the first Gladioloid)

Gender: Male

Voice Range: F#2 to D6

Related Characters:

Tafune Kiira (close friend

Kuraine Kiyomi(girlfriend and fellow Gladioloid)

Age: 17

Genre: Alternative, pop-rock,



Character Item: a gasmask

Creator: Gladiorthis

Voice Provider: Gladiorthis

Height: 5ft. 9in.

Picture List: Google, Scratch Programming

Birthday: Some time in1996(exact birthday is unknown)

Likes: Fishing, studying history, animals(especially turtles), spaghetti(favorite food), Kuraine Kiyomi, Doctor Who, soccer, Cold Weather

Medialist: Scratch Programming, Youtube

Release date: July 17, 2013

Dislikes: Animal cruelty, guys who mistreat women, bullies, Hot weather, yaoi, hip-hop music, Neru Akita(thinks Neru Akita is a jerk and shouldn't be recognized in the vocaloid/utauloid fandom), and being called a shota.

Signature Songs: N/A

Personality: Depicted as mature and smart. GasMaskMan loves geeky things. GasMaskMan is calm except when people mess with his family(which in this case is other Gladioloids). GasMaskMan is shy when it comes to romance. He never makes "The first move". Though he is attracted to many other female utauloids like Kasane Teto or Amane Luna, GasMaskMan will never say anything. He has a very healthy relationship with Kuraine Kiyomi, as both of them share common interests. GasMaskMan loves helping people, just random people. GasMaskMan gets alittle embarassed when Kuraine Kiyomi talks about how good GasMaskMan is in bed. GasMaskMan wheres a gasmask because it gives him a sense of originality. He also feels that the gasmask hides his emotion so he can freely express them without anybody knowing. He does take his gasmask off, but only during bathing, sleeping, or when around close friends.He hates being called a shota.

Supplemental Information

Hair Color: Brunette(medium lengthed hair)

Headgear: Headphones

Eye Color: Brown

Headphones: Black and Neon green.

Dress: Hunter Green trench coat, dark khaki trousers, Black Military boots,

black under t-shirt, M17 gasmask with green outserts, and haversack to carry the gasmask

Nationality/Race: GasMaskMan was made in a government laboratory, with artificial cells(thus no lineage),

this makes his exact birthdate unkown as well as his nationality.

Favorite Phrase: Sometimes I feel I walk alone, because few people know what kind of stuff I've been through.

Voice Configuration

GasMaskMan is designed for the japanese language only. Future updates may contain english or spanish capabilities, but that is not certain.Voice data is written in romaji. The official voicebank can be here As of now, the project involing Gasmaskman is abandoned. The voicebank can still be downloaded, but there will probably be no updates.

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