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Meiji Gahata was a combination of a fashion model and singer, currently in collaboration with the Lifulu shop. She was based around a theme of magic and fantasy, and had multiple multipitch VCV voicebanks. Despite being inactive, She is still one of the more popular voicebanks and is known for being high quality.



A bit of a dreamer, yearns to be a heroine.
—Meiji Gahata's personality

  • Meiji - Mage or Witch.
  • Gahata - The first character means "sound" and the second means "banner" or "flag".

It could be inferred from this that Meiji's name can be translated to "Banner/Flag Sound of the Mage/Witch".

Likes: Tea especially with Sweet Milk, Fantasy

Dislikes: Unknown


  • Hair color: White
  • Headgear: Headband
  • Eye color: Pink
  • Outfit: Backless dress, with a corset-style jacket worn over it, which goes down to her hands. Jacket sleeves cover hand.
  • Accessories: A purple bat ring on the right ring finger.
  • Nationality/Race: Witch
  • Companion: The official companion of Meiji is named Frill. It is a genderless creature that closely resembles a flying candle and has a blue flame.


Two years after Meiji's release, Saccu began releasing append-like voicebanks themed around fairy tales and magic. These voicebanks cover a considerable amount of singing styles and genres and are considered the successors to the original three voicebanks. All of her voice banks can be downloaded on her official voicebank download page. These voicebanks were released on March 8, 2014.

As of November 11, 2019, Meiji has been discontinued and her website and voicebanks are no longer available. She has been succeeded by Saccu's newer UTAUloids, Bibi Jyougasaki and Wistaria Toujoh. However, those who downloaded Meiji's voicebanks prior to her discontinuation are still free to continue using them.


Themed around "Heart Hunting". A strong voicebank. Recorded in 5 pitches. Discontinued.


Themed around "Witch of the calm, dark night". A feminine voicebank. Recorded in 6 pitches. Development cancelled, voicebank discontinued.


Themed around "Mischief of the fairy". A sweet voicebank. Recorded in 4 pitches. Originally intended to be a whisper/soft voicebank. Discontinued.


A set of the above three voicebanks. Discontinued.


Unreleased English voicebank, announced on December 20, 2015.[1] Development cancelled.


Unreleased whisper voicebank, announced on December 20, 2015.[2] Development cancelled.

Usage Clause

An official Japanese usage clause was located on her official website. A rough and incomplete English translation is as follows:

Author's Permission/Redistribution

  • When uploading a work using Meiji Gahata, please credit her in an obvious place.
  • Commercial use is allowed with permission from Saccu/Sasha.
  • Use of Meiji Gahata to support or condone illegal activities is strictly prohibited.
  • Please contact Saccu/Sasha before redistribution of the voicebank.

Character Usage

  • Unofficial costume designs are allowed.
  • NL/GL/BL (after genderbend) is allowed.
  • No responsibility can be claimed for damage caused by the usage of this voicebank.
  • Sexual content is allowed, as long as the legal age limit is observed.

Popular Appearances

On July 2014, 佐々木渉 (Sasaki Wataru, also known as Wat), Crypton Future Media VOCALOID developer and creator of Hatsune Miku, announced Meiji would be used in the development of Megurine Luka V4X as a template to bring out the unique qualities of Luka's voice provider, 浅川悠 (Asakawa Yu). [3] It is also rumored that she inspired the development of a growl feature in Vocaloid 4; however, as of writing, the supposed interview that this was mentioned in has not been found.

Meiji has an official MMD model created by MMD modeler hatuki. It was initially introduced by Saccu through a video on Niconico and can be downloaded here. The password is majo.


Meiji is known for her high-quality vocals and human-like vocals.


  • Even after Meiji's retirement, Saccu made a reference to Meiji when playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, designing an in-game dress based on one of Meiji's witch design.[4]


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