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While Gabe has a basic personality given to him by his creator, it is not "canon" information. He may be depicted in any way as long as it follows the UTAU software terms of use.

GABRIEL (UTAU name GABRIEL, real name Gabe) is all over the place. Shy, timid, self-effacing, and overall desolate. Calling him Gabriel gets him very flustered to say the least. Will update later.

  • Item - Computer mouse (has an unfavorable addiction with Indie games)
  • Likes - TBA
  • Dislikes - TBA


  • Gabriel (ガブリエル) - A given name derived from Hebrew meaning "God is my strength" or "God is my strong man".


  • Hair color - Dark brown.
  • Headgear - Black thick rectangular glasses.
  • Eye color - Hazel (specifically 75% light green and 25% light blue). One black helix and mid-helix piercing on the left ear.
  • Outfit - An over-sized navy blue hoodie. Overly long plaid pajama pants. A small heart necklace with the colours of the Transgender flag. A black and white beaded bracelet (that usually is not visible while wearing the hoodie).


  • Ashie - they get food together a lot idk yet
  • Zoe - ?

Product Information


- Recorded with Blue Yeti

- G3

- Rendered .frqs

- Romaji CV Reclist


- Recorded with Samson Go Mic

- A3

- Rendered .frqs

- Cz VCCV Reclist



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