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(Japanese: 小林冬子 - こばやし ふゆこ- Kobayashi Fuyuko) 
小林 (Kobayashi; Small woods)

冬子 (Fuyuko; Winter child)

Her name could be interpreted as "The winter child from the small woods."

GENDER Female VOICE RANGE G#3 ~ D#5 RELATED CHARACTERS Fuyuki (Older brother)

Cyrus (Older brother figure)

Yukito (Fellow FUYUloid)

AGE 19 GENRE Any HOMEPAGE Official Website
WEIGHT 121 lbs (55 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Alaskan Malamute CREATOR Fuyushinju (design by KaiSuki)
HEIGHT 5'3" feet (162 cm) VOICE SOURCE Fuyushinju PICTURE LINK LIST
BIRTHDAY September 14 LIKES Sweets, baking, reading, sleeping, people MEDIA LIST YouTube


RELEASE DATE September 14th, 2016 DISLIKES Bitter foods, math, hot days SIGNATURE SONG しりたくない (I Don't Wanna Know)
PERSONALITY: Fuyuko is a very upbeat and positive girl. She enjoys making people smile and wants to protect their happiness so they don't have to feel so miserable in their lives, and she is willing to do almost anything to support her friends as a sideline cheerleader. She is rather sensitive to emotions so anyone that is very upset affects her greatly. An empathetic girl, she will cry for you if you have no tears left to cry. She is a fast learner, so anything new she wants to learn she will have mastered within a week. One day she would like to open up her bakery and spread happiness to everyone who comes in for her pastries.

Voicebank Download

Her VB is available for download here. This is a VB pack which includes her normal and SHOUT!! VCV.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Royal blue
Headgear: Blue beret
Eye color: Aqua
Dress/Outfit: She wears a kimono but with a more modern touch to it, formed into a skirt. Although you can't see too well she wears shorts underneath her kimono and she wears white boots with a blue outline. She wears a frilly bracelett on her left arm

Voice Configuration

I use a g-5 on Fuyuko, but you can do anywhere from 0-5.


  • Loves blueberry tea the most once it's filled to the brim with milk and sugar.
  • Uses "watashi" pronoun.
  • Speaks English, Japanese, and elementary Spanish.
  • Can bake very well but can't cook so well.
  • "Very frightening if angered."
  • She is polyamorous.

Concept Art

Concept art is done by KaiSuki! FuyukoConcept.png

MikuMikuDance Model

Her MMD model was created by MayDayFireBall and you can find her deviantArt here! http://maydayfireball.deviantart.com/ FuyukoMMDUpdate.png