UTAU wiki

Personal Info

Hair color: Blonde

Headgear: Sometimes wears a flower crown

Eyes: Amber

Outfit: baby blue sweatshirt, red leggings, pink and purple tights, yellow flats

Race/Nationality: Half British Half Filipino, undead spirit

Extra: Fuyu's design was based off one of her voice provider's old drawing from when she was around five years old.

Voice Info

Fuyu was recorded many times on Audacity with fails. Her voicebank was delayed because of this especially when some sounds like "ta" and "te" didn't sound nice in the voice provider's opinion and there was something wrong in the oto.

Her human counterpart, Fiona Myles's voice can be obtained by g-7 flag.


CV: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3a2358oiazy0dgk/Fuyu%20Mirune.zip?dl=0

Act2: In Progress

Soft Append CV-VV: TBF

Sweet Append CV-VV: TBF

English CV-VC: TBF


Usage Clauses

  • Do not use the character or voicebank for making money. This is only reserved for the creator.
  • Do not use the character in a fetish art or anything like that. R-18 songs counts in this rule.