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Fukitsuma Roland Ongaku III (不吉マ ローランド 音楽 III) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


Ongaku (Onga) is a Helltraumian demon, a subspecies of demon that can be found in the first Circle of the Underworld, where his grandfather, Lucifer, rules as the Demon Lord. This particular subspecies cannot be killed in the traditional sense. Either the heart has to be directly attacked and damaged, or the entire body has to be destroyed. In any other case, natural causes can occur at any point in a demon's life.

His hair is not true hair. It is a collection of veins and arteries that can be used as a spare set of appendages or as a backup blood supply. When the blood is used, the hair shrinks down and becomes black and soft until it can all regenerate. He only trusts two people to touch it (more on that later).

His powers include ice and shadow manipulation, textbook magic through books, Helltraumian black magic, superhuman strength, and vocal-related attacks.

He has scars over 68% of his body in the following locations: His back, his chest, his neck, his arms, his hands, his thighs, and one over his red eye. Most of these scars are caused by a plethora of execution attempts, attacks, and accidents.

Ongaku suffers from depression and Dissociative Identity Disorder. He developed D.I.D around the age of 9, where the curse that was initially there to kill off his father became an entirely separate entity within his mind and learned how to force him to dissociate long enough for him to take control. By the time he was 13, he had developed a total of 3 other "people" in his system. His depression came along in his mid 20s after his 3rd arrest.

The people in his system include:

- Joshua Milton (4'10", internally) 23 years old/Cis male/(he/him) pronouns/heterosexual/irritable and self centered, he will often act sassy and passive in public, but the reality is that he is socially awkward around those he wants to be around. When comfortable,he is relatively relaxed, if not more confident to the point of play-biting any friend who tries to pet him or call him cute. (Appeared at age 10)

- Randal/Red Heilman (5'7", internally) 19 years old/transgender (ftm)/(he/him) pronouns/homosexual/a punkrocker in his prime, Red is a loose, laid back type of person who isn't afraid to be bold with people. He would be the type of person to be caught smoking pot at a concert. (Appeared at age 12)

- Tachimaru Yoro (6'9", internally) Age unknown/still exploring/mainly uses (he/him) pronouns/pansexual/demiromantic/a posh demon who is generally polite individual. He is a protector who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty and will go feral if provoked. Otherwise, he is a caregiver and someone who holds family and friends above all else. (Appeared at age 9/first to appear)

Ongaku is a vegan with no exceptions. Due to trauma involving a past pet, he refuses to eat anything that isn't plant based. The only time he is forced to consume meat is when he has to eat a bit of human flesh each month to keep himself from rampaging, but he does not count this as consuming animals.


Everything stated about this character is CANON information. Do not take this character out of canon.

Onga is generally shy around large groups of people, but very open and loving around friends and people close to him. He is usually considered the "parent" of his friends, according to most.

  • Item - Homemade violin
  • Likes - Cats, fine wines, libraries, small gatherings, nighttime skies, fashion, being around his friends when he can, teaching about music, horror/psychological themed stories and games, singing at the karaoke bar
  • Dislikes - Anything related to meat or animal products in food (trauma related), being compared to his father in any way, people going after his friends and loved ones in any way, shape, or form, himself in the form of his DID


  • Fukitsuma (不吉マ) - the Japanese word for "sinister"
  • Ongaku (音楽) - the Japanese word for "music"


  • Hair color - Crimson tendrils/veins with lavender arteries
  • Headgear - large, round glasses
  • Eye color - heterochromic crimson and lavender
  • Outfit - business casual with a light blue hoodie and deep magenta sweater


Product Information


- Recorded with Blue Snowball

- G3

- Rendered .frqs

- 7 mora VCV reclist (configured by General Nuisance)

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