(Japanese: 若い音フランコ - わかいねふらんこ - Wakaine Franco)

ALIAS: Fran-kun (-kun because the author share the same name as well)
若い音 (Wakaine) - "Young voice/sound"
フランコ (Franco) - An italian name, diminutive of "Francesco"; He was created as the owner's genderbend.

TYPE: ITALOID - (1st voiceblank from Italy being released on this wiki)
MODEL: 096 - (Year of birth of the creator)
GENDER Male ((But he's homosexual)) VOICE RANGE C#3 ~ F#6 RELATED CHARACTERS Hantai Shaine (Admirer)
Lloyd Ryune (Best friend, big-brother figure)
AGE 13 GENRE J-Pop, cute songs, metal. HOMEPAGE 若い音フランコ Blog
WEIGHT 121 lbs (56 kg) CHARACTER ITEM None, but sometimes he has a dog plush. CREATOR 0FrannyP
BIRTHDAY March 17, 1997 (one month earlier than the owner) LIKES Sweets, Nutella, men, animals (especially dogs). MEDIA LIST NICO NICO DOUGA, YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE October 12, 2010 (Demo)

February 14, 2011 (ACT 1)

DISLIKES Cats (Ailurophobia), his name, hentai. SIGNATURE SONG Starduster


PERSONALITY: A kind and altruist boy. Initially he seems very naive, but in the truth he's stubborn and determinate when something isn't right. His girl-looks makes some people to refer at him as female, but he really hates it. His appearance is caused because his growth is very slow. He hates when people lie at him, but after all he cares for the people he loves. His favorite sport seems basket, but because of his height and free-time, he can't play it.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Black
Headgear: Headphones
Eye color: Azure-blue Dodger
Earphones: Black with azure illumination
Dress: A shirt with blue collar and sleeves; he wears brown trousers and black shoes
Nationality/Race: Italian

Voice Configuration

He's the best between C4-C5, but He's good in C6 too. He has a bad voice below C#3, so don't use it if it's possible. The voicebank is encoded in romaji with hiragana aliases;

ACT 1 Update: A better oto and added two new rules for the terms of use. Download:

His voice is a lot better if you set the flag at "B0BR-35C50g-1O35Y20H20", and if you add in the flag box in property "Y0g-2" or "Y0g-3", he sounds even better.
In the near future he'll sing italian too.


- He can't watch any horror movies or bad news on TV, because he's very sensible. He might even cry.
- If he eats too much Nutella, he may have a switch of personality.
- He dresses up with female clothes only to make pleasure to his boyfriend.
- He's studying spanish.
- His voicebank was ready since end of 2009- first month of 2010, but the author didn't know about the wiki yet. Then she deleted the 1st voicebank and lost the 2nd. This is then the 3rd voicebank for Fran-kun.

Usage Clause

- You must read the defaults Terms of Use in his voicebank.
- His name, profile and image can't be used in any RP, forum or online games, unless It's the author herself.
- For R-18 fanart about him, It's better to ask the author first and waiting for her approval.
- His voicebank can be used freely. If you want to use it with commercial purpose, please ask!
- You can't alterate his image or using an artwork of the author without her permission. Remember that you need to ask.
- You may send an email to the author if you have any questions.

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