Fleur (Fleur / フルール) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.




While Fleur has a basic personality given to her by her creator, it is not "canon" information. She may be depicted in any way as long as it follows the UTAU software terms of use.


  • Item - Journal
  • Likes - Tea (specifically Green Tea), fiction, reading, isolation, being alone, documentaries, butterflies, and earthy colours
  • Dislikes - Soda, large gatherings, public spaces, extroverts, pastels, night owls, and metal music


  • Fleur - A feminine given name originated in France. It means "flower" in French.


  • Hair color - Jet black
  • Headgear - Panda ears
  • Eye color - Tangerine
  • Outfit - A forest green turtleneck with long baggy sleeves. On the turtleneck, there is a stitched-in patch of the Transgender flag. A black thigh-length skirt with music staff Embroidery through the center. Long white thigh-high socks. Beige pointe shoes.


  • Liliiflora - best friend out of pity
  • Kyo Morioka - uwu~ <3
  • Ken Shippai - platonic girlfriend
  • Gunloid - uh???

Product Information


- Recorded with Blue Yeti

- D#4

- Rendered .frqs

- Romaji CV Reclist


  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfRZUTOJL1qAbDorCjlhGYQ

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