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人生はきれいです〜!誰もが笑って、お互いに親切にされる〜 / 何?人生はそのようにではないですか?何の「人生」を生きているです〜?(笑)

Life is beautiful! Everyone's smiling and nice~ / What? Life's not like that? What "life" are you living~? *laughs*
—Favorite phrases

Souzoune Fareea (想像音ファレエア (そうぞうねふぁれえあ)) is a derivative voicebank for the UTAU program.


Fareea is a happy girl. People think she's crazy because she's always smiling. She doesn't know emotions like sadness, loneliness, bitterness, anger, sorrow, etc. She lives in her "own world" where everything is good and pink, and she thinks that "her world" is the true world. When people question her about "her world" saying that it's not truth, she only laughs and reply "What 'life' are you living~?". She suffers from severe psychological trauma, and she mentally retreats into "her world" because nothing can hurt her there. People are afraid of her because it's difficult to communicate with her.

  • Item - Paintbrush
  • Likes - Smiling, painting, solitude, "her world"
  • Dislikes - Clocks, anything related to time, being questioned about "her world", other people, her real life


  • Souzoune (想像音) - Imagination sound.
  • Firstname (名前) - Happy; her name is Arabian, origianlly written as "Fareeha".


  • Hair color - Dark teal
  • Headgear - None
  • Eye color - Periwinkle
  • Earphones - Deep indigo and circular with pink lights
  • Outfit - See image


Voicebank distribution

Voicebank Reclist Range Description DL
Nairu Kyoukine Append CHILDISH CUTE VCV VCV E3~E5 "Nairu's CHILDISH CUTE voicebank." DL

Voice details

  • Input - Hiragana encoded and romaji aliased
  • System - Microsoft Windows
  • Optimum - Genre: Funk, Pop, Electronic, Ballad, Dark, Gothic; Range: A#3~D#5
  • Details - To make Fareea's voice, use the flag g-9Y90H90L50C5 and the EFB-GT resampler with Nairu's CHILDISH CUTE voicebank.

Voice samples

Additional information

Terms of Use

All the provisions below shall be applied to the voicebank, Fareea Souzoune.

  • R-18 Content Allowed? Forbidden
  • Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Forbidden
  • Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Forbidden
  • Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, but derivatives must be created with permission


  • Her birthday is September 29.
  • Her number written in kanji (美少女) means "pretty girl".


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