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Voicebank Information

  Falric Phouxy is a voicebank for UTAU program. Created by DuoRJClub in 2018 and released recently in 2020[1].

  This page created after the voicebank release. His voicebank supported for Japanese, Indonesian, Malay, and Spanish was revealed with CVVC type voicebank

Voicebank type is CV Japanese (romaji only) and CVVC Indonesian.

NEWS: Falric Phouxy v1.5 coming soon! CVVC converted to Multi type.

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  •  Political content is not allowed.
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Voicebank Distribution

VB Name Reclist Range Description Demo DL
Falric Phouxy CVVC CVVC Indonesian F#2~B3 ◆ Monopitch

◆ Can sing in Japanese and other languages ​​that support the voicebank

◆ Romaji Aliased

◆ Functional in CV and CVVC

[1][2] [3]
Falric Phouxy V1.5 XVCV Indonesian - Japanese - COMING SOON◆ Monopitch

◆ Edited from CVVC bank

◆ Romaji, Hiragana, Katakana aliased

◆ Functional in CV, CVVC, VCV, and VCCV.

- -

Concept Character

Personality: Omega (Ω), Dandere half Tsundere

Item: Cheese Status: Shotacon (but he also shota lmao)

Likes: Pastel or soft colors, Cheese, chocolate, tomato, Cappuccino coffee, fresh cow's milk, tea, milk tea, drawing, cooking, read comics, Shota, deep voice.

Dislike: Bullying, neon colors, mouse, chipmunk voice, cigarette smoke, dirty or disgusting words. Scared: Gore, blood, spider, highness, darkness.

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  • Hair Color ⇨ Black or Blue Navy
  • Eye Color ⇨ Blue, sometimes purple
  • Outfit ⇨ Consist of Turquoise-Blue Navy Coat, Brown School Vest, White Shirt Uniform, Black Turtleneck Shirt, Red School Trunks, Creamy-graded Black Stockings, Seafoam-Light Blue Shoelaces with Black Laces.


  • Rinchi Adhitya ⇨ (Friends but like a brother) Rinchi is a cyborg made by his father to accompany Falric.
  • Radit ⇨ (Just friend) Such a close friend but the relationship is getting loose.
  • Samara Fulki ⇨ (Admired Friend) Only an acquaintance but he admires it.
  • Sinya Feya ⇨ (Friend) a relationship between human and cyborg after Rinchi.
  • Taka Oktavian ⇨ (Friend) His relationship with him rarely communicates.


  • He shares the same voice provider with Rinchi Adhitya.
  • Actually Falric voicebank is the same voicebank as Rinchi Adhitya because Rinchi UTAU was first made. But changed to the current character design concept (new concept), so the old concept has nothing to do with the new concept and be forget it about the old concept (not apply).
  • And Falric has an old name is it named NfalRiCha. The old name does not apply.
  • He was made because of dissatisfaction with Rinchi's design (That is I was an ago), now I accept the designs of the two of them happily.
  • He is not fluent in Japanese in the form of sentences that are so long. But singing in Japanese is very easy for him.
  • He can speak Javanese ngoko (Ngoko can only be used to communicate with the younger or with peers) but cannot sing old Javanese songs.
  • He can speak Malay with long sentences if there is the text and can sing in Malay too.
  • He does not speak Spanish but he can sing Spanish slowly.


  1. 5 May 2005, on his anniversary.