The first release of Enma Karasune's design

Enma Karasune is a UTAU created by ShinigamiHime-Utau on deviantArt. Enma is the death god of all vocaloids/utauloids, taking the souls of the programs and utaus/vocaloids that were deleted. She was born on the christian holiday of All Souls Day (November 2nd.) Her name comes from Enma, the buddhist god who judges the dead and decides weather they go to hell or not. Her last name comes from Karasu (Crow) and Ne (sound) making the connection that crows are associated with death often. She dons a top had with eyes on it and headphones with bat wings, her outfit is that of a gothic theme. The number on her arm is 666, the devil's number. She loves dead things and can do voodoo to summon the undead. She also uses Tarot cards. Her hat contains voices that produce voices in her head. No voice bank has been made for her yet.

Height: 5"6 (5"7 with boots on)


Weight:100 lbs

Colors:Shades of Purple, Shades of Red, Black, Gray.

Hair:Black with red and purple streaks

Eyes:Red, Foggy right eye (she is blind in her right eye)

Likes:Dead things, voodoo, singing, toying around with minds.

Dislikes:Rude people, makeup (non dark), people who jump to conclusions.

Genre: All but she rarely sings Metal. Mostly love songs.

Item: A large rusty sythe with a microphone on the end.

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