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Emmanuel Morph

(Japanese: えっまぬえる もるふ)


GENDER Partial (assotiate himself as female) VOICE RANGE C4-F#5 RELATED CHARACTERS

Kaj Llingvam (son)
Teo Medea (haunting guy)
Heiden Ortvick (mate)
Hannah's Regret (consul)
Gerda Karoo (puppet)

AGE 4 cycles (looks like 26) GENRE HOMEPAGE
WEIGHT 59 kg CHARACTER ITEM Dual thin blades, black pen, sheets of paper CREATOR Sightseed




BIRTHDAY October 27 LIKES Live in peace, his children MEDIA LIST DEMO

as a single CV: March 08, 2016
as 8moraVCV: February 08, 2017

DISLIKES noise SIGNATURE SONG Sweet shackles (CV)

Loop Spina (VCV)

PERSONALITY: Personality: Obedient and calm, trying to do his work clear and fast. Sometimes he could be clumsy. Also due to his partial gender it's easier to him to identificate himself as a girl. Also he is really tired and continue to work only for forget about his ward-dreamer, whom he lost.
Personal lore: Born in Shado at the cycle of Ice sun in family of judge of Blue part (Willow) and his wife (Solamer). Was taught all aristocratic manners, and grew really fast. Emmanuel had only one ward-dreamer (Frederick) in all his life, and falled in love with him. Frederick brought chess board from his world, and this board sent Willow to Frederick's world. Hannah's Regret asked Emmanuel to be a secretary, and he agreed, despite the fact that Frederick tried to dissuade him. Due to the fact that Emmanuel was from Yamaraja family, he decided to change his appearance for this work - hair color changed from black to white, and eyes color from hazel to black and white. At the cycle of Pale sun Kairel was born. Hannah's Regret asked Emmanuel to help him create a new judge for Blue part, and Emmanuel create a warlock doll (Gerda Karoo), using high-pitched voice of his son (Kairel), 'cause he wanted something to remember of her home. At the beginning of cycle of Sky sun Frederick understood how to use the chess board and returned Willow back. Ellen was born. Willow shouted at Emmanuel when he knew, from who are his grandchildren, and only thing which helped to calm him down was fact that Kairel and Ellen was shadromancers. At 30th 5th day of Sky sun Frederick didn't return to Shado, and that meaned only one thing - he died in his world. Willow erased Kairel's and Ellen's memory about Frederick and hide the chess board. Emmanuel decided to drown himself in work.

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