Elian Song SHASTALOID 07 Song. SSL 07 for short. Or Just Elian.
07elian song ver 02 by shadowstar1021-d7fef1d

Elian Song's final Design


Name: Elian song

Name Interpretation: No specific reason.

Related Characters: Rest of the SHASTALOID Char. Series.

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Birthday: November 23
Bad Apple Full Version UTAU

Bad Apple Full Version UTAU

Elian Song's ACT 01.1 Voicebank Update Sample

Model: 07


Home Page:

Height: 4 feet, 10 inches

Weight: 97 lb.

Art: ( )

Media: ( )

Character item: School books.

Voice Configuration

ACT 01.1:

Flags: B0H10Y0g+1 sounds best

BRE: 75

Consonant Velocity: 200

Resampler: Default

Voice Range: D3~G4 (A#3)

Supplemental Information

Hair Color: Red

Eye color: Brown

Head gear: Head set

Dress: School Styled Uniform. Purple and Grey.

Race/Nationality: America SHASTALOID

Favorite Phrase: "............."

Usage And Rules

Elian is a young girl. She has a young voice. All suggeted Flags and resamplers are stated in her readme file. She is easy to use too!

Do not use her for Political, religous, or any offencscontent.

Ask before you use for commercial purposes, 

Make sure all fan art for her is appropriate for all ages. No "Mature" stuff.

Do not claim her as your own or I will find you. When I am done, not even your dog will recongize you. Not a threat, a promise. 

I hope you can enjoy her and her voice as much as I do. Have a nice day.

All the imformation above is accurate as of November 23rd 2013. 


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