Eleka Scatter

(Japanese: 電歌スキャッター)

.::電-Ele: "Electricity". Instead of using "Den", the creator chose the shorten of its meaning in English.
.::歌-ka: "Song".
.::. In short, 電歌 means "Electric Song".
スキャッター-Scatter: since his first voicebank has low quality samples which no more than one second recording per sample, sometimes he will make scattering unpleasant voice.
All in all, his name means "Scattering Electric Song"





 Otoshi An (fellow singer in Sunspot Cycle)

Nakunakune Malheur (fellow HACK)

Kamiyama Yugami-Yugao (fellow HACK)

Ginka Hiraku (fellow HACK)



GENRE  Electronica-pop/rock/rap HOMEPAGE  N/A
WEIGHT  45 kg


 bunny ears

CREATOR  Alexanderite
BIRTHDAY  16 September LIKES  cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake!! neat room, cooking, mellow songs MEDIA LIST TBA


DISLIKES  Planes, Kagamine twins because... children's envy... he envies they sing the way better than him (obviously), smell of alcohol, messy room, horror movies, ghosts SIGNATURE SONG Uproar of Teacher and Girl -first instance-


Scatter is a cool-looking boy who tends to act as cool as possible even when he is scared to death. Though, he looks that cool, he is a cute boy with his fear of ghosts and easy to get startled. Tsundere should be the most suitable word for him. However when it comes to cake, tsundere image will be ruined and he will be focused at eating his cake with X3 smile. Scatter also hate messy stuff. When he sees something messy, he will definitely go to tidy it up.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Blue black

Eye color: White

Scatter wears a short sleeved-white shirt with hem, half thigh-length rich black-garment that looks like a Scottish kilt from front but actually it is a short pants, and a pair of black&white converse. He has bunny ears on his head and two piercings on his right ear. Scatter also wears a black bangle with white "Zero-I" imprinted-on his left wrist.

Re;2 : Scatter wears a white bunny eared parka and pink half-pants. Inside the parka, he wears a blue-pink non-sleeved turtleneck, and blue-pink shoes.

Nationality: unknown

Race: cyborg

Blood Type: A

Background Story

A boy lost his family in a plane crash when he was 5 and then taken into an orphanage. He was physically and mentally disabled, he lost his sight and ability to hear. The trauma also made him almost like a mute. 2 scientists adopted him and they secretly performed experiments on him in order to make him back into a normal boy. However, after years of experiments, the scientists changed their mind and turned the boy into an other cyborg instead. They attached the boy artificial body parts and eyes. Furthermore also erased the trauma from his brain. And because one of the scientists loved cute stuff, she attached artificial bunny ears on the boy's head. When the boy had finally been reborn and opened his new eyes for the first time, they named him Eleka Scatter.


  • Scatter will most likely do anything for cakes.
  • Otoshi An calls him "bunnybun".
  • He has sharp hearing that he could hear to people's talk even just only a whisper.
  • Actually his real ears don't work anymore, it's the bunny ears which perform as his ears. In Re;2, his real ears are placed with robotic part and work as his hearing; the bunny ears are removed.
  • Scatter dislikes planes but has no problem travelling with them.
  • ....He does not understand the reason of his dislike of planes.
  • Mentioning Kagamine twins in front of him could make his head hot, literally.
  • Leave a room messy, he will tidy it up asap, perfectly.
  • Looking cool is everything for Scatter.
  • His eyes have no irises or pupils, they are wholly white.
  • Scatter actually does not dislike ghosts, he HATE them.
  • Give him cake and everything will be fine :D.
  • Although he is usually called "Scatter", some personnel in Sunspot Cycle call him "Eleka".
  • ...."Eleka" is not really a family name.

Voice Configuration

The current voicebank (CV) is always being configured. Scatter has capabilities to read both Romaji and Hiragana USTs. He is only capable to sing in Japanese. He has neither "breath" nor "L" samples. The samples have less than one second-recordings.
Scatter has neither genderbend / genderpitch voice (female voice that usually comes from g- flag) nor older age-voice (when users use g+ flag).

Using Scatter's voicebank is very tricky that user will most likely often to edit the flags, envelopes, pitch, and use multiple resamplers in the worst case.

Eleka Scatter's voicebank is under private use. For more concerns on Scatter's voicebank, contact Alexanderite via deviantART

By requesting the voicebank, you are expected to follow the voice configuration settings and distribution conditions said above and the usage clause listed below. Plus... you are expected to overcome headache and ear-ringing that might occur afterwards.

Re;2 is currently under configuration. This is the sample of the beta Replicant
Re;2 is no longer a private voicebank. It is planned to be released around August or earlier.

Usage Clause / Terms and Conditions

  1. Users comply with UTAU Usage Policy.
  2. Users cannot claim to own this character or the voicebank itself.
  3. Users must not use this character for commercial purpose without permission.
  4. Users must not violate any right of third person/party by using this character.
  5. Users should not use this character in the way of remarkably ruining the image of this character.
  6. Users must not use this character to slander or insult other person/party, or in the way of being offensive to public order and morals.
  7. Political expression is forbidden!
  8. Users are allowed to modify the oto.ini but for improvement purposes.
  9. Users must not rename, edit, or/and pitch voice samples in purpose to be claimed as users' own.

Song List

【UTAU合唱】オツキミリサイタル【20 UTAU+ⅠA】

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