Basic Information

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Ekou Gousei (合成エコー) Roughly translates to "Syntehtic Echo" which is a great summary of Ekou's voice. Ekou's age is about 16 years old but his birthdate is 10/11/2013.

Ekou is part of the Gousei Family which is Synthesis in English. His family was part of a small town which experienced a terrible attack. Ekou and his family were all seperated but luckily for Ekou, he was able to find his music. Ekou's love for music is the motivation that keeps him going and he is determined to find the rest of the Gousei Family. As he finds them, their voices will be released.

Ekou's voice is suitable for slower songs as he excels at long holded notes. It is possible to use him in faster songs but so far, results have shown to be poor. He has a relatively high pitch for a male but has a large vocal range given him unlimited possibilities.


Ekou Gousei Innocence

The current public 1.0 version is only really suitable for slow songs as fast repetition does not work very well. Keep in 

mind this voicebank will be updated regulary.

Ekou's 1.0 voicebank in action ------------------------>

Clearly his pronounciation needs to be reviewed as he stutters on a few of the words.


Ekou Gousei 1.1 Voicebank - Lost One's Weeping-0

As for the update coming up, his pronounciation has greatly improved especially on fast sylables. Ekou 1.1 is substantially improved and a comparison video has been posted. Check Below!

Ekou's NEW 1.1 Voicebank Demo ------------------->

Great Improvement!!


Ekou is being updated to fix his slow pronounciation. This will be released as his 1.1 Voicebank but will not be released just yet. Keep checking for his progress:

Ekou 1.1 Voicebank!! The long awaited voicebank is here! I haven't added any more compatability but that will be worked on gradually -

Ekou's 1.0 Voicebank is avaiable here, it has been configured to work with Utau-Synth (Macintosh) for both Gana and Romaji but on Romaji for Utau (Windows)

Mediafire -


Feel free to contact me anytime regarding questions or progress updates at

Terms and Conditions

  • Do not edit or remove any of the current samples
  • Distribution is allowed as long as you credit my Youtube Channel "CatManMega" if you are releasing a song with this Utualoid publicly.
  • I do not mind what song you add him into but try not to make it rude or demoting to his status.
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