Eimin Taikou (対向エイミン) is a voicebank for the UTAU software.


Eimin Taikou, more commonly known as just Eimin, is a punk singer made for the UTAU program. His voice may be higher than most males, but that does not limit his ability to sing. He is good for fast paced songs, such as Splatter Party, but can be utilized for any song within reason.

A punk man with a heart of gold, he cares for both his girlfriend and the rest of Kura INC. His personality can be described as soft punk.

Early life

Eimin and Seimei grew up together in a ran down home, with only an alcoholic father. When Eimin was only 6 years old, he pocketed a few dollars, and with just the clothes on their back, set himself and Seimei out to live in the cold outside world. Everyday, Eimin would scavenge for food and supplies to help teach and raise Seimei. Every day, Seimei would receive new food and books, and Eimin would sit and teach her anything he remember being taught. Eimin also took up independent study, usually from burnt up and trashed books, to further increase Seimei's knowledge. This went on for 8 years, with Eimin spending any money for just one night at a ran-down motel, in order to bathe and care for Seimei. He sang to her so she can sleep, and taught her how to fend for herself.

One night, Seimei set out for her own adventure. When she returned, she exclaimed that a nice old lady from a soup shop fifteen minutes away offered some soup for them! At first, Eimin was skeptical, wondering if the soup was poisoned, but he was so hungry he didn't care enough to check. The soup was more than delicious, but Eimin felt horrible for not being able to pay.

Every once in a while, the two would walk to the soup shop. With bold pink letter on a tall sign, they could easily identify "Soups from Kura" from a mile away. Every time they entered the shop, Kura would provide them each a hot bowl of soup, ranging from miso soup to any soup they were able to imagine. Eventually, she took both of them by the hand and led them to an unnamed orphanage not more than 10 minutes away from the latest motel the kids stayed at. The girl to open the door was introduced as Saeko Serinne, a fourteen year old girl who would be the the next owner of the orphanage, if something were to happen to the current owners.

With love, and more orphans choosing to reside at the orphanage, Saeko decided it needed a name. She looked at her new boyfriend, and asked him what it should be named. They were far from children at this point, but Eimin had thought about this for a while now. "Kura Orphanage," he stated. Saeko nodded, she understood.

And so, thanks to the old lady who gave Seimei soup one time, Kura Orphanage was born.


Eimin has a cold appearance, smoking and drinking at any chance he gets, but he genuinely cares for the orphanage. With him and Saeko deemed as the "parents", he chooses to take care of anyone, young or old, to ensure their safety.

He has a soft spot for both small children and elderly people, evidenced by Kura herself. He's often seem sleeping with a young kid, such as Mizu-Mizu, curled up on his chest, similar to a cat. He's describe as intelligent and generous by both his sister and girlfriend, along with cunning and charming by those around him. He sings songs for Kura, and sang to her even at her last breath.


Inside Kura INC:

Seimei Taikou: Eimin's sister. He loves her to death and protects her from any harm that may come her way, even if it's essential, like heartbreak. He wants her to be happy all the time, and prefers to take all the pain for her. She learned everything from him, from common education to self defense.

Saeko Serinne: Eimin's girlfriend. He loves her dearly and can't imagine life without her. Even though she nags him for his substance habits, he finds it endearing; if not a little cute. In fact, he has thoughts of marrying her some day, and that is something that happens in the future.

Mizu-Mizu: Eimin sees Mizu Mizu as a daughter of his. Similar to Seimei, Eimin intends on protecting her from anything and everything. He doesn't want her to end up like him.

Any other relationship inide of Kura INC is neutral or unimportant.

Outside Kura INC:

Kura: The old lady to aid Eimin through out the latter years of his run-away life. She appears to adore the siblings, and their respective girlfriends. Kura also exclaims in her will to leave the soup shop to Eimin's "daughter", since she knows that Mizu-Mizu will choose the right path for it. Eimin was with Kura for the last days of her life, just after he turned 18, and made sure she left comfortably.


Eimin has a long pink braid, flipped over the right shoulder and ending just under the chest. He has fair skin and red, slim eyes, with noticeable eye bags. The left side of his head is shaved. He accessorizes his face with an eyebrow piercing, a septum piercing, and a labret piercing. His left ear is covered in different piercings, down his ears to a full gauge on his earlobe. Eimin wears a few chains around his neck, along with a dog tag necklace just under them. He wears a frayed tank top, with a print of a skeleton face on it. Along his arms are bandages, though it's unknown if these bandages are covering any wounds. Eimin wears fingerless gloves with a cutout on his back hand. Eimin wears a chain wrapped around twice around his waist, above his shirt. He wears ripped black skinny jeans accessorized with two chain loops on the leftmost belt hoop. He also wears boots the stop just above his ankle with bright pink laces. The soles of the shoes are spiked to help with climbing and walking along steep hills from when he was orphaned.

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