(Japanese: 外国音ELI - Gaikokune Eli)
ALIAS: ELI - (The Gaikokune name, originally coined in the development stages is rarely used and is simply a code name)
Gaikokune translates to "Alien/Foreign Sound" while Eli is a play on the creators middle name.
TYPE: Rosalipoid
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE C3-C6 (High notes can sound bad with other resamplers) RELATED CHARACTERS ERIK (Pitch Genderbend) (No page)
AGE 15 GENRE Ballad, Soft Rock, Electronic HOMEPAGE ELIs Offical Tumblr
WEIGHT 150 lbs (68 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Ice (ie. Popcicles/Ice cubes ect.) CREATOR

CinnamonTea Youtube Deviantart

HEIGHT 5'8" (173 cm) VOICE SOURCE CinnamonTea (aka. Rosalind O') PICTURE LINK LIST CONCEPT ART,Old Concept




RELEASE DATE January 27th,2013  DISLIKES Burnt Toast, Unfair Reasoning, Colds SIGNATURE SONG DEMO SOMG
PERSONALITY: Calm, kind and collected, she takes the world in stride. She can be seen as blunt and sarcastic and maybe even rude, but she only holds the best intentions.

Supplemental Information


Story: A service droid from the future who became self aware and ran away, unfortunatly falling upon a rift and tumbling back into the past. Hearing songs for the first time, she fell in love with them. She wants to be like her idol Teto, and tries her hardest to become a full fleged UTAU.

Hair color: Soft straw blonde with that tends to fade or discolour into seafoam blue.

Headgear: A pair of headphones uplinked to her auditory sences. Two cables extend from her temples.
Eye color: Blue
Nationality/Race: Canadian

Voice Configuration

Info and download can be found on ELI's homepage:

The voicebank is recorded and aliased in Hiragana. There are add ons like "rr" "ar "kw" that blend to sing in other languages. However the english compatibility is more of trial and error, so use at own risk.

Rules and Terms of Use

From ELI's Read Me file:

The rules for usage are as follows:
- DO NOT in anyway plagerize the Voicebank or Character.
- DO NOT redistribute this voicebank.
- YOU MAY help improve the quality of the voicebank .frq or oto.ini for future updates, but YOU MUST contact CinnamonTea before any alteration unless given permission before hand.
- This Voicebank is NEVER to be reproduced, pitched, or in anyway manipulated into a second character and then clamed as your own.If there are any reccomendations or fixes/bugs pertaining to the bank please contact the author.
- This voice bank is NEVER to be used in Racist, Sexist, Hateful, Offensive or other controversal material. Illegal content or imagery (Such as promoting Criminal Activies or Suicide) are also strictly prohibited.
- YOU MAY create song covers or other projects without asking promission unless you feel it's needed.
- DO NOT use/ create with this voicebank commercially without contatcing CinnamonTea.
These terms and conditions must be read and understood before using this Voicebank.
ELI/外国音ELI and any variation thereof c CinnamonTea 2011

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