Supplemental Information

Hair color: Strawberry blonde, slightly red at the tips

Headgear: None

Eye color: Lime green

Earphones: None

Outfit: A black, skintight top with a single green spot between the neck and the shoulder, covered with a reddish, loose-fitting sweater that ends at their elbows. On their lower half is a pair of beige jeans with green diamonds along the outer thighs, and a pair of reddish sneakers with white soles.

Nationality/Race: Undecided/Unknown. Presumably either British or Japanese.

Other: They have noticeably pointed ears and teeth, and can wear piercings on their right eyebrow and both ears.

Voice Configuration

EKA's current voicebank is their ACT 1 CV, which comes purely in japanese romaji, with hiragana aliases. This voicebank can be found here.

An older voicebank does exist, however no link is available due to muffledness and general quality issues. A VCV voicebank is currently in production, which will also be useable in CV and may include English support.

EKA's voice can be used for any purpose as long as it is identifiable as still being EKA themselves.

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